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April 13, 2014

Present: Andy, Azzurra, Burgess, Cynthia, Donny, Honey, Jess, Marilyn, Mike, Nolan, Peter

Meet and greet

Consolidate the phone answering / dispatch (Victor)

Donny: There are several purposes for answering the phone, but could be consolidated into one position. Should know how to use the trello, or know emergency numbers (for William, plumbing, etc).

Azzurra: I understood Victor's proposal to be different, to physically purchase a phone. On the KAF angle, KAF sometimes texts or calls me and says “hey, we can drop off food.” If I'm in lecture or have my phone off, there have been times we lost KAF because there was nobody to answer. I think it would have to be a team of people. I don't think the labor could work out so that it was one person. If one person wanted to leave the property or not have anything to do with LR for a while, needs to be spread across multiple people. I don't know how to allocate labor. You might have a week where nobody calls.

Donny: I'm not proposing buying a physical phone.

Nolan: As far as allocating labor, just because you don't get a call doesn't mean you're not being vigilant and monitoring that phone. They're making a commitment to be able to answer the phone. It's a significant expenditure for some people.

Mike: Victor thinks purchasing a phone is a distinct proposal from this. Also, I already have labor like this–Beth originally gave me an hour to answer the voicemail, but was averaging less than an hour, so made it a half-hour. Officer labor is similar; might be a lot some weeks but should average out to, say, two hours.

Burgess: I think part of his concern was emergency situations. Membership calls I don't see coming in in what he was talking about.

Azzurra: Idea was that there would be 1 phone number. Press 1 for membership, 2 for maintenance, 3 for KAF. If they press for membership, would get routed to the membership voicemail, otherwise to the dispatcher. I don't have a problem implementing it. Only question is could somebody please help me figure out how much labor to allocate? Does having an eight-hour shift count as one hour of labor?

Donny: I propose we allocate 2 hours to the person answering the phone.

Azzurra: One person? I think we need at least two people. People shouldn't feel like they have to be here 24/7.

William: I think it needs to be two people. Not uncommon for apartment complexes to have hours for maintenance. With KAF, we're on their timeline.

Andy: Sounds relatively labor-intensive. My instinct is that it would be three people and not 24-7.

Marilyn: Emergencies do arise on the maintenance side. I think there has to be 24-7 coverage. Could be an hour and a half a week, split between three people, a half-hour per person.

Azzurra: Half-hour allocations harder to pull off than hour-long allocations. Only other half-hour job is watering. I feel like it should be at least an hour.

William: If it's a legitimate emergency, need to call 911 or me, as far as possible.

Donny: I don't think we need labor to answer the phone 24-7, as long as people know an emergency number.

Nolan: Could have one number saying, if this is an emergency, call 911. If it's not a 911-able emergency, press 2 or 3. Would automatically forward to William.

Azzurra: KAF calls Sunday night for Snap. That's Tarvis's labor now. Sometimes they call me later in the evening. I see centralization as in part to help me coordinate KAF more effectively. We do have the option to tell KAF that we will only receive calls between this time and this time. The more limits we set with them, the more likely they are to pass us up.

Nolan: It's clear we see value in having a phone. I'd like to suggest that a proposal doesn't need to carry the details of how we're going to do that right now. Going to have to be something we experiment with. Would like to propose that we have a phone number for house business. How we handle it will fall out via experimentation.

Donny: I feel there is very little chance that we'll come up with the details that work.


===== Discuss buying 30 permanent parking passes from Amazon for around $100 ($2.99 x 30 + $5.99 shipping). Jess Hay will design 10 guest parking passes which can be signed out from the commons for friends of the coop. A parking pass will be issued to all coop members and associates who own a car.

I would also like an additional $15 to order 8 no parking signs that I can post around the parking lot to reinforce the new rule. ($6.90 x 2 + tax)

After two weeks of people being informed and given time to acclimate to the new parking passes, we will contract with a towing company to have non-member cars towed. (Jess)

Jess: Cynthia had expressed concern about people parking in our parking lot, using up all our spaces, making a lot of noise, especially late at night. Propose to buy 30 permanent parking passes. They're vinyl and reusable. Would also be making 10 guest parking passes. Would also like $15 for eight No Parking signs, waiting two weeks after we institute the policy to begin contacting a towing company, to give people time to adjust.

Burgess: if we employ a towing company, they do their own signs.

Azzurra: If we're trying to stop people from coming over here and engaging in certain activities, I don't know that adding a level of beaurocracy with parking permits is going to solve the issue. If somebody is sitting in their car, the towing company isn't going to move them.

Jess: More than one person who sells drugs across the street has told their customers to park over here. The people aren't in their cars. They're getting out and parking across the street. The police are watching this pattern of parking in our parking lot and going across the street and committing a crime.

Burgess: Giving the permit to a friend, they'll put it in their window and then drive home with it in their window.

Jess: The guest passes can be changed in style very frequently.

Mary: At 21st St, the person who has the parking pass is never there.

Jess: Until recently, their spaces were reserved primarily for residents. Anyone who lives here will have a key for the common room.

Mary: I think it's an added complication.

Azzurra: Especially in Texas, they'll melt; can't be used forever. Stickers might be better; can be put in the rear view window. Also would be additional advertising, and might be able to get stickers more cheaply.

Jess: Would be more than $3 per sticker.

Azzurra: Seems odd to me. I know people who print stickers all the time. Will only work if people are walking around the parking lot and call the tow company if a car shouldn't be there. Is that something we'll allocate labor? Last thing I want to see us do is to put up signs and not have it be enforced. I don't understand why we can't get this guy to tell his customers to park on the street.

Jess: He doesn't feel that it is any of our business. I've been hearing repeatedly, “what is that suspicious car out there?” People are monitoring. They just have no one to call. Seems to me like the only realistic option we have to fight it in any way.

William: I think there's no reason to allocate hours. I agree that this is a self-policing community.

Peter: I haven't seen an alternative to his proposal.

Azzurra: You guys have convinced me that people will just call the towing company on their own. Should propose that Jess should be empowered to find the towing company and call them. When the signs go up, we should enforce immediately. In terms of deterrence theory, you want to make sure the moment you set the boundary is the moment it's enforced. We should make sure we all have permits, then signs go up. In a situation where there are no guest passes, someone should be able to leave a hand-written sign saying, “I'm at Azzurra's in 206.” Someone could knock on my door.

Jess: That's why I put in the provision that there would be a two-week time in between. I want to have no members' cars accidentally towed. The permits are issued, then signs go up two weeks later.

Nolan: Would it make sense for guest passes to have a person's name on them? Guest passes will go out. I'm not convinced that they'll come back. Worst-case scenario, we can contact someone and said that they've had a pass out for 2-3 weeks.

Jess: Passes could be room-specific. Could have three per room that are in your apartment.

Burgess: I think it's getting more complicated. Guest passes should be disposable.

Jess: If someone were to see a hand-written piece of paper, someone could just as easily make one, and you don't know if they're real.

Azzurra: I think they shouldn't be laminated. Could be printed pieces of paper with a pattern on them. If a person drives away with it, we've only lost a few cents.

Jess: My reasons for lamination is that we can have generations. If someone reuses an old permit, isn't valid.

Azzurra: If it's disposable and dated, that will work, too.

Jess: That's fine with me. Friendly amendment that they will be disposable and dated.

Peter: On what basis are you going to contract a towing company?

Jess: We give them license to tow a car when we call them.

Peter: Do we get something in return?

Jess: I would have to look more into specific towing company policies.

Burgess: They might want the right to do a gravy tour any time they wish.

Jess: Depends on what you ask them to do. At College Houses they always call.

Burgess: I prefer that to them just cruising.

Scrap the last sentence about contacting a towing company. Will be dealt with next week.


(Gatlin) Collect ideas for Labor Holiday, assess availability and discuss dates.

Gatlin: We planned it for a weekend involving Easter.

William: I like the idea of splitting people up and having different projects.

Donny: I'd like to see us set a date.

Azzurra: Pushing it back to the 26th would give us plenty of time. Hannah had suggested planting the laundry room. I hope that, with Andy and Nolan's place, everything is handled by the 26th. One way to do it would be to split up the labor holiday across two weekends. People who want to work on Andy and Nolan's apartment could next Saturday.

Nolan: I'm pushing hard to get all the gear for the wireless mesh set up in time for the labor holiday. We'll need help drilling holes in walls and installing stuff in good locations.

Donny: I propose that we have labor holiday on the 26th.

Burgess: Are we having a house meeting on Easter Sunday?

Donny: We have no policy otherwise.

Burgess: Want to propose that anyone who can show up Saturday to work on Andy and Nolan's apartment, not as part of the labor holiday.


Azzurra: Marilyn and Mike won for membership coordinator.

New business

William: Meghan and I are going to be looking for another place to live. Plan on moving out fairly soon. Could sign a six-month lease but would end up breaking it. Has been another member who wanted to leave at will and was allowed to go month to month. The previous memco didn't want to see it become a widely-accepted practice. We're going to ask the community next week to let us go month to month.

Marilyn: Would you want to continue on in a paid position with the coop?

William: I hadn't even thought about that. That is something I would consider.

Andy: I've not done a really great job of communicating to people where I'm at. I'm on really think ice psychologically and emotionally right now. Trying to do what I can to keep this project rolling.

William: Nolan and Andy have had to put up with a lot here. I've called a contractor in to take care of the sheet rock in the ceiling. I'm prepared to have the contractor keep going with other stages of this project. I don't see the need to spend time hoping and praying that people who haven't been doing their labor will do it. I think we need to spend money.

Andy: Several people have been regularly helping out, but they can only do so much.

Nolan: Want to echo what Andy says. I think we need to start documenting stuff on trello. I've had to turn a couple people away because I don't want them to pass over some line that I didn't know about. One way to solve that is to have one source of truth. Working on a state of emergency proposal; if something like this happens in the future, we can declare a state of emergency for a certain unit, and certain actions automatically take effect; we start diverting nonessential labor (ie, dishes) to taking care of the emergency. If you're annoyed that your dishes aren't done, you're going to ask why. If you want dishes done tomorrow, you can go into 108 and start cleaning. Gives me a way to help, since I can't clean, so I can do somebody's dishes. As Victor says, this is a commercial property, and we need a serious amount of maintenance for it. If water fell in the hallway at Sasona, I bet it would have been done in three days. Here it's out of sight, out of mind.

Marilyn: Could have the labor czar and steward be enough of a committee to declare a state of emergency.

Nolan: I like the idea of it being brought to the next dinner. House needs to buy in. But would be open to making it a smaller group of people.

Marilyn: Did Eric hand off his research on pest control?

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