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April 6, 2014

Present: Andy G, Andy P, Z, Burgess, Carey, Chris, Cynthia, Donny, Hannah, Mike, Peter, Richard, Ryan, Victor

Meet and greet

Chris: No pets or allergies. Could move in eventually, or be an associate. Not looking to move in tomorrow. Want to share a unit. Loves cooking.

Chris accepted for membership.

Update on Andy's apartment, and no-shows

Z: We've processed many no-shows. Some people have started paying fines. We've been telling people to go to Andy and Nolan's place to make up labor, or pay fines to get somebody else to do the labor in there. Do we need to throw more labor at the problem?

Andy: Want to give a shout-out to everyone, especially William, Victor, and Carey. Paint on the ceiling still needs to be scraped off. After that, we can call Sam or another contractor to work on it.

Victor: If someone will get with Sam, he can take care of that. I am not able to physically get in touch with Sam and ask when he can do the work.

Ryan: When can you get the hepa vac(sp?) down?

Victor: by Tuesday. Somebody needs to pin Sam down.

Ryan: Text me when it's done. I'll try to get in touch with Sam.

Z: How many more hours are needed?

Andy: I think an hour of labor remains.

Victor: As of last Tuesday, there was enough done so that I could take the sheetrock down. It's a matter of needing to buy a vacuum and hypofilter(sp?) and get it down. Can't give a definite time.

Z: Can someone else buy it on your behalf?

Victor: Sure.

Ryan: I'm off tomorrow. I can go do it.

Z: For no-shows, we're going to start asking people to pay fines tonight. Gatlin is working on a new labor schedule for next week. The labor schedule will be different next week to cover the birthday party.

Victor: Phone situation?

Z: On my end, I think it needs to be brought to the house. Need to get with Nolan to ask if it can be done for free, or buying a phone would need to be approved as a recurring expense.

(Donny) Elect our new Membership coordinator(s?)

Donny: The labor czar made ballots. Grab the ballots by the end of the meeting. They're due by Wednesday night at 11:59.

Ryan: If we already voted, do we need to vote again?

Z: Not sure. Gatlin is handling the election. I'd say to mark your ballot as your second vote.

Ryan: I didn't put my name on it. Don't know which one was mine.

Z: let's go ahead and say that previous ballots don't count. We'll put an envelope on Gatlin's door.

(Donny) Discussion of maintenance changes in the Post-Victor Era

Donny: At the maintenance meeting, we started to talk about changes. Victor will no longer be with us in a couple months, and some things will have to change. We had ideas about splitting up tasks between traditional maintenance (fixing toilets, doors, etc.) vs. long-term construction. Also discussed the phone dispatch system. I'm not sure anyone knows exactly the best way to use the labor for handling phones. Should the dispatchers be calling contractors?

Burgess: Victor, you going to put the phone consolidation on next week's agenda?

Victor: I guess I'd better. Consolidation of phone services; distinct from the coop getting a phone.

Donny: Possibly have the maintenance people meet more often, maybe Sunday at 6. I think it'll be critical to maintain a lot more communication than we've had.

Victor: I think the problem is that we're dividing co-opers between maintenance people and non-maintenance people. We all own this place. If there's a problem in your unit, you need to take some ownership of it. it may put you over your hours for the week, but we have to not distinguish between maintenance people and non-maintenance people. That's what's burning us out. I think Andy's been doing a good job this week. Andy's been in charge of training people how to scrape the paint, etc. Everyone needs to step up like that. This is not an apartment complex; it's a coop. Don't expect maintenance people to come and plunge your toilet. You own it, and there's a responsibility.

(Ryan) Approve new budget.

Ryan: I talked to a bunch of people. When I couldn't talk to people, put a note on their door. Only recommendation I've received is that we should up the food budget, but I don't feel that we have the room to do that.

Burgess: Expenses are added to by waste.

Z: I have a concern that, by rolling the food program in the way that we are, we're putting an extra burden on people who have a unit to themselves, that'll possibly be too much. In the case of families, it almost makes sense, if they're taking food for the entire family. In Donny's case, he would basically being charged as if there are two adults. That doesn't seem right to me.

Ryan: That's true. By allowing people to occupy a single unit on their own, it puts a burden on the coop where, if we required coopers to rent out both bedrooms to two members, there would be more labor hours. So I think it's a wash. Makes it more consistent for budgeting.

Donny: It's a little added cost, but I'm also costing the coop a few hours of labor. I don't think it's that big of a deal.

Z: Cynthia, I want to know how you feel about it.

Cynthia: It's going up everywhere.

Z: Would people still be able to pay part of their food in trade if they want to?

Ryan: We can still work that out.

Andy P: Could someone summarize what's happening with rent increases?

Ryan: Our lease increases by 2%. I've estimated a utility increase about 2% because that's standard for Austin. We've estimated a budget based on things that have been running us deficits because we don't have a budget for (internet, events, conflict mediation).


New business

Z: Wanted to remind everybody about the birthday party next Saturday.

Victor: Planning to resign as maintenance coordinator the third week of this month. I will continue living here until about the third week of May. I'll finish the receptacles in 108.

Marilyn: Do you have any recommendations for people who might follow you as maintenance coordinator?

Victor: I strongly believe we should split this position into two. I think that Don Marshall should take the long-term construction part. I think it needs badly to be cut and put under two very different peoples' heads.

Donny: Thank you, Victor. You did a lot.

Motion to enter executive session. 12-0-1.

Hannah: Communicating with Tyrone from AORTA collective about what sort of communication workshop we want to have. We were originally talking about a conflict resolution skills workshop, but there were a few instances after that about people being harassed. Tyrone was interested in maybe focusing on issues of harassment. My thought was that conflict resolution would be useful going forward, and harassment could hopefully be covered under that umbrella but not be the focus.

Donny: I think we need conflict resolution skills here. There have been many conflicts. Each conflict that doesn't get resolved is cutting a part off ourselves.

Andy: I see harassment and conflict resolution as two different things. I would like to see a clear harassment policy, or reviewing what we have, and to have possible actions besides membership review.

Z: If you're having a problem with a specific member, can talk to the steward or memco.

Peter: How do you define harassment?

Hannah: Our policy covers harassment in a general way, like sexual harassment. There have been a couple instances of sexual harassment here.

Hannah: My marching orders are to ask for something more focused on conflict resolution. I think harassment is something we need to talk about, rather than something we need to outsource to AORTA right now. A lot of us don't know where to start.

Z: I did my masters thesis on compromise with integrity. I have resources that I'm willing to bring to the table.

Richard: We have booze, a PA, a dj.

Ryan: Meghan was really worried about having a sustainable food budget. For the gmm, she requested that it not be taken out of the food budget.

Z: We had a really good haul of desserts come in. I think we're better covered for food than we think we are. Only thing we don't have is meat.

Richard: I'll make a general plea for potluck-style donations.

Richard: Would it behoove us to get an hour or two of labor?

Z: We're definitely going to have more labor allocated to pre-party clean and post-party clean. If anyone wants party-related labor, or food preparation labor, please text me.

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