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*March 30, 2014


Meet and greet

Agenda item 1

Nolan: Anyone owing makeup labor is offered the option of committing to use said labor to resolve the serious structural issues in Nolan and Andy's apartment, or to immediately pay $10 for every hour owed. This money goes into a pool which is used to pay a professional to perform the labor.

Agenda item 2

Nolan: Switch mailing lists to

Agenda item 3

(Hannah) Allow Victor to sign a one-month extension to his lease and Mike to sign a two-month extension.

Agenda Item 3

(Ryan) Set next years rent and budget.

Agenda Item 4

(Cynthia) Discuss use of the parking lot by the neighbors.

Agenda Item 5

(Cynthia) Allow my nephew Mike to stay with me.

Agenda Item 6

(Cynthia) Discuss purchasing gates for the courtyard.

Agenda Item 7

(?) Elect new kitchen coordinator and outreach coordinator.

New business

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