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March 16, 2014

Present: Andy P, Burgess, Donny, Marilyn, Meghan, Mike, Richard, Tarvis, William

Meet and greet

Labor holiday ideas

Marilyn: Clean up and make the laundry room more functional

Donny: Knock out the last 10-15 feet of our raised beds. It's a nice place to gather, but really limited by the T that's there. I'd like to knock it out. Would allow us better flow. We could have events out front. There's nowhere to gather more than about ten people in the courtyard.

William: We could knock off the T and later expand the end of the bed, so that we don't give up too much of our garden real estate, and it's not a hinderance to Sarah and Claude.

Marilyn: Proposal for the spring garden from Jessica. Get composting here.

Mike: Knocking out the walls?

William: I think it's a more skilled task. Going to be a big task. I don't think it'll work for a labor holiday. I was going to get rid of it until I looked into asbestos and got more scared.

Donny: We could improve the alley so that it's a space where people want to be. It's shaded by the building and the trees. Could be a little hang-out spot, but trash gathers.

Donny: Improvements to the space in front of Travis and Leslie's unit?

Marilyn: Safety lighting at the front entrance?

Donny: I tried to tackle that but got stimied. I think it needs professional work.

Marilyn: Could we improve safety on the stairs? Resurfacing?

Donny: Could have a rope across to close a stairway, but need one to stay open.

William: If we had a couple bags of sand, I could just throw some sand down very easily.

Donny: Painting murals in the commons

William: If I thought about it more, I could probably have some more maintenance stuff to propose.

Donny: If anyone has anything else, I'd recommend emailing the labor czars.

Maintenance update

William: All of the locks have been changed. The maintenance closets have not been changed yet. I'm going to be taking a week off since I put in extra hours with the locks, and Meghan and I want to make some renovations on our place. Not much more to say from my point of view; Victor would have a different view of the situation.

Security rears its head as an issue here from time to time, as it has now. Create a position (the House Worf? The Mall Cop?) or committee (Redshirts? Keystones?) for maintaining the cameras, collecting and presenting information or concerns about security, and keeping the house aware of security issues when they come up. Note: This person/committee could not be expected to GUARD or PROVIDE security. (Donny)

Donny: I think it should be one individual's job to make sure the camera is working. It was working a few months ago, but it wasn't clear whether we had video when there was a break-in because it isn't anyone's job. We could write up a description to check the cameras weekly, and that person will know how to get to them when there's an event.

Marilyn: A better place to put the checks?

Donny: We could collect the checks somewhere else. If it was in a lock box bolted to the wall, it would be harder to get into.

William: Initially I didn't think the position was terribly necessary, but, knowing that we didn't have a solid answer of whether the cameras were working, I think it would be a good idea.

Tarvis: I have a family member who is a security professional. Could give you their card.

Richard: I wonder if a sturdier door would be in order.

William: I wanted to see a floor safe and a sturdier door.

Andy: What would be the protocol if illegal activity was caught on tape? Would it be the security person's job to respond?

Donny: I see that as making sense. If it's not clear-cut, then they could be the person to bring it to the house.

William: If we establish the position, I don't want to create a scenario where someone is policing everybody. I like the idea of them having to bring it to a meeting.

Donny: I wasn't envisioning the person reviewing security video, unless something happens.

Andy: Who can look at the footage?

William: We've talked about it in the past but didn't come up with a policy. It's a security risk; if someone wants to watch someone, then they could track their comings and goings.

Donny: I'll take the ideas we've discussed and try to propose a position for the next meeting.

Andy: We need to discuss protocol around the security camera in general.

Membership coordinator election

Marilyn and Tarvis nominated.

Marilyn: Want to withdraw unless it's divided among multiple people or a four-hour position. Otherwise I don't think I can take it on.

Richard: I might be inclined to make a proposal to make it a committee next week.

Donny: Sometimes we've elected officers who wanted to run as a team.

Andy: Could it be two hours for each person?

Marilyn: I would make that proposal.

Tarvis: Would be interested in b eing membership coordinator along with somebody else.

Andy: I really support increasing the labor hours for this. We've come from our first generation of coordinators, where they would spend ten hours a week, and that was okay because they signed themselves up for it. I think it makes more sense now to look at the amount of hours things take.

Tarvis: I could do it once I have my computer set up and such.

Donny: I'd recommend that we see if we can get more labor credit, see if we can get Tarvis a chance to find someone to run with. I don't think that many people would be able to do what Hannah did with two hours.

New business

Richard: Andy, what's the situation with your ticket?

Andy: I started the appeal process.

Marilyn: Austin Energy has set a goal of generating 30-35% of all its energy from renewables by 2020, but it's going to meet the goal in 2016. Inclined to rest on its laurels, and there are activist groups like Sierra Club that want them to set new, higher goals by 2024. Opportunity for the public to give input tomorrow at the Austin Energy office between 5-8. People might want to follow on the Sierra Club page. Austin Beyond Coal. Will be lots of opportunities to act on this. Final decision will come in August or September.

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