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January 19, 2014

Present: Cynthia, Donny, Eric, Gatlin, Jesse, Mary, McAllen, Mike, Rebecca, Ryan, Virgess

Meet and greet

Announcement of coordinator election results (Z/Gatlin)

Maintenance: Victor

membership: Hannah

outreach: Eric

steward: Travis

tech: Nolan

treasurer: Ryan

fixer: William

bookkeeper: Andy G

Food buyer: Meghan

Grounds: Jessica and Jesse

Food coordinator: Eric

Labor: Z and Gatlin

Donny: We need to run an election for board members. We forgot to do that.

<font 14px line-height: 19px;/Arial, sans-serif;;rgb(51, 51, 51) font-family: Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 14px; line-height: 19px;;;#ffffff>Pass a motion that allows members with significant others wishing to move in with them, who have been approved for coop membership, to be moved to the top of the membership waiting list. (McAllen)</font>

McAllen: My girlfriend, Rebecca, would like to move in. We've got a waiting list. Hannah and I had talked about the possibility of formalizing a process where people like myself who have SOs that want to move in would give her six weeks notice before such an event happens, and then Hannah would move them to the top of the waiting list. Unofficially mentioned this at the last membership meeting, but was some opposition; people who were dating shouldn't be given preference over someone who wasn't dating. On one hand, goes against one of our core goals, to foster as diverse membership as possible, but, on the other hand, a SO moving in with you is a special request that deserves special consideration. When you move in together, it's a major life-altering event. If you can't move in with your SO, can't move on with your relationship and your life. Living in a coop is also a major life-altering event. The benefits can't be over-stated. Puts me between a rock and a hard place. I don't want to wait for an indefinite amount of time until she gets to the top of the waiting list, and I don't want to leave the coop.

Gatlin: I agree, would come to the opposite conclusion regarding a general process. I agree it's a special situation requiring special consideration. I wonder if it could just be discussed at a meeting, to bump a person to the top of the waiting list. I don't know how effective a process like this would be. Why should it be a policy that's different and not something we vote on case by case?

McAllen: Since there was opposition, I thought we needed to vote at a meeting.

Gatlin: Six weeks seems like a really long time. If we discuss at a meeting, then we don't need to discuss six weeks in advance. Might be better in the long term, for future people who move in, to discuss at meetings.

Virgess: I don't think it's in Robert's Rules that there's a rule against voting to put a member at the top of the list without it being in the bylaws. Also, when you start putting it in print, there's more than one kind of “I love this person, I want them to move into the coop” that could happen. They could take the other bedroom, or could share with three people in an apartment.

Jesse: If the person is moving into the coop, they would have to be a member and would go ahead and pay rent even if they were sharing a room. If we've got procedures that aren't policy, we don't have a written history to guide it in this process. One of the things we said when we started the coop was that we wanted it to be family-friendly. If my 17-year-old daughter came to live with me, it would be my responsibility as a parent to give her that space.

Mike: If we pass a policy, I think it shouldn't be strictly for SOs. I'd suggest it being open to anyone, whether a SO or relative or friend of a current member, etc. We could decide that it should be restricted more than that, but, ie, Jesse's situation should be treated similarly.

Jesse: At other meetings, people mentioned restricting the number of single family units (??).

Ryan: If someone wanted an extra room, then I think that a member could just take the room, since they aren't on the wait list.

McALlen: Only way to sign a contract is if there's a room available.

Donny: Would like to come to a resolution.

McAllen: If we decide on a case-by-case basis, that's fine with me.

Jesse: I suggest we vote on moving Rebecca to the top of the waiting list. Hannah isn't here, and would like her to be part of that conversation in terms of changing policy.

Donny moves to move Rebecca to the top of the waiting list. Gatlin seconds.


Election for kitchen manager — Elect 2 people (Gatlin/Eric)

Eric: Since I am now kitchen manager and also outreach coordinator, I really want to focus more on the outreach, but don't want the kitchen to drop. It's an administrative position. Donny has accepted to do this position with me.


Decide on 2 people to send to Undoing Racism - Austin conference, per invitation from the ACBA (Hannah—will be at work, "someone preeez pick me up")

Mary: Can people get continuing education credits?

Cynthia is interested in going. Gatlin also volunteers to go. Andy P had also volunteered to go, so Gatlin and Andy were going to discuss which of them (Gatlin or Andy) would be the second person.

New business

Virgess: Travis wanted to remind us that everything left in the garage will be coop property tomorrow morning.

Eric: Need to keep inventory. Pantry is online, but not everyone has a phone. Would like to buy whiteboards to list what's in the refrigerator, in addition to having it online.

Virgess: If I had a working computer, would still think it should be white-boarded.

Donny: The whiteboard is inaccessible to two of our members.

McALlen: Might be good to have one system.

Jesse: redundancy is good. When you're out shopping, you can access that information, so you'd know, say, if you need pepper without having to go back to the commons and look at the whiteboard.

19 Enero 2014


​Saludar y Conocer

Tema 1 del programa

Anuncio de los resultados de las elecciones de coordinadores (Z / Gatlin)

Tema 2 del programa

Pasar un movimiento que permite a los miembros con las personas significativas que deseen que vivan con ellos, que han sido aprobados para ser miembro en la cooperativa, que se trasladó a la parte superior de la lista de espera de membresía. (McAllen)

Tema 3 del programa

Elecciones para el administrador de la cocina - Elegir 2 personas (Gatlin / Eric)

Tema 4 del programa

​Decidir sobre 2 personas para enviar a deshacer el racismo - conferencia Austin, por invitación de la ACBA (Hannah-será en el trabajo “, alguien por favor recogerme”)

Nuevos Negocios

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