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January 5, 2014

Present: Andy P, Z, Cynthia, Don, Eric, Hannah, Jack, Jesse, Jessica, Marilyn, Mike, Nolan, Peter, Samuel, Travis, Victor, Virgess

Meet and greet

Jack and Samuel accepted for membership

(Travis) Call for nominations for officer elections

Officer elections next week. Travis proposes to close agenda items next week.

Nolan asks if elections will be by secret ballot. Travis says it will be.

Nolan: If anything important comes up, then we can't discuss it. Also, not everyone shows up for a meeting. At Sasona we conducted elections over the course of a week.

Travis: I see what you mean. Still feel passionately that everyone should have the opportunity to talk. I'd be amenable to saying that we should have nothing else other than emergencies.

Victor: Need to set a time limit for how long each candidate speaks.

Nolan: Would it make sense to have a separate meeting for people to talk about their platform? I worry that something important might happen and we won't have the space to talk about it.

Travis: Every time we've had officer elections at coops I've lived at, we've closed nominations, given candidates a chance to talk, and given people a chance to ask questions.

Travis: Modify my proposal to request that other additions to the meeting be only things that must be discussed that week. It's the labor czar's job to make policy for the election.

Passes with two abstentions.

Andy P: Are the labor czars going to send something out ahead of time?

Travis: Nomination sheet is up. Ballots shouldn't go out until candidates have had a chance to talk. My personal goal is for ballots to go out after next Sunday's meeting.

Andy P: I'm concerned about having ballots go out and we won't be sure whether to vote now or wait until after next Sunday. I'd like to informally suggest that we wait until next Sunday before voting.

(returned to this agenda item later in the meeting, after Z came in)

Z: There is an election sign-up sheet so far. So far, no one has nominated anybody.

Hannah: You can totally nominate yourself.

Z: Gatlin is going to give out ballots to people who live here. Associates, make sure you're here at the next house meeting. The idea is that you'll receive ballots in advance, fill out the ballot, bring to the meeting next week, and they will be tallied. My guess is that Gatlin will just tally the votes while we're doing the meeting.

Nolan: A lot of people may not know that there's a signup sheet. I wonder if it would make sense to have people talk about their platforms, pass out ballots next week.

Z: There was an agenda item, and it was passed, saying the day the elections would occur, and it was pushed back already. I don't really care either way.

Travis: We talked earlier about the way I'm used to having officer elections.

Jesse: Once you've heard candidates talk about their position, you don't need an extended period of time to vote.

Travis: People who can't make it could vote beforehand. If we handed out ballots now, could still have them in by the end of next meeting.

Victor: Would like to propose having presentations next week. Each candidate can present for no more than ten minutes. Ballots would be collected the following Sunday.

Travis: Do we need a whole week?

Nolan: To me, a week delineates things. I got caught off guard in May when we had an election for a kitchen position and wasn't expecting ballots to be counted on a Wednesday.

Travis amends to five minutes per candidate. Victor accepts.

Passes with one abstention.

Andy P: Doesn't cover when ballots with names will go out.

Z: If we're going to have people speaking on Sunday, then presumably whoever speaks will be on the ballot, and we could write up a quick ballot and print them.

Marilyn: For those of us who don't live here, would be good to either have a ballot next Sunday or be able to write out our own ballot.

Z: Both of those seem reasonable.

(Travis) Demo/Review of New Member Orientation presentation draft

Travis describes the new member presentation that he has been working on.

Travis: I'd like to do my first new member orientation next Sunday before dinner, at around 5:00, in unit 201.

(Hannah) Discuss allowing nonprofits that work with people seeking affordable housing the ability to act as proxy placeholders for the purposes of the waiting list. The individual moving into the cooperative would still need to be accepted individually, but would have the date of priority as obtained by one of the partner organization's agents. Abby Tatkow with Caritas is interested in working with us on this basis.

Hannah: I work in the nonprofit field, and I love coops, and wish those sectors would talk more. I got an offer from somebody at Caritas who has lived in coops, and she would like to see coops more available to low-income folks, too. We accept Section 8, which is great. It's been rough with some of their beaurocracy. Maintenance requirements have put a big strain on the maintenance team. They aren't quality of life things; they're things that we need to check a box for. This could be a good alternate option that administer programs such as the TBRA voucher. Caritas has their own funds that aren't attached to any system. I think it would be a better fit for us since we would have someone we're negotiating with. We would still serve low-income folks but would not be as beholden to HACA. I have an idea for how to do this. Involves modification to the wait list system. The wait list is a problem for low-income folks that need to get housing. Can't just wait indefinitely. When I tell people that we don't know when we'll have something, that means we're done with them. Would like to have Abby as a point of contact. She would refer people who would work well in a coop. Important to be on the same page about that with people we work with. Say Abby would come to two meetings, and the name Caritas would be on the wait list for the second meeting that Abby shows up to. If we don't do this, I think our coop will get more middle-class-ized. Caritas would be a proxy for a person in their program. When Caritas' name comes up, their person would still need to come to meetings but would have Caritas' spot. This doesn't flood us with social service applications. We would take their client, and they'd have to go back to the bottom of the wait list. I'd like to improve to be more frequent, but a good starting point.

Virgess: Associate fee?

Hannah: They would not be paying the associate fee.

Virgess: It's a double standard. Not saying it's bad.

Hannah: Not saying Caritas would get precedence over associates. This system is better than what we've got now. We've had a steady round of associates. At Sasona, that has not been the case, so I wouldn't assume it will continue to be here.

Travis: I am a fan of delegation. I'd prefer to leave the specifics to the membership coordinator's discretion, but that's me.

Mike: Hard for families to move in when usually there will be a room available, not a whole apartment. Maybe we should lease some units as apartments, but it's a tangent that I probably shouldn't have brought up right now.

Peter: Suggest that officers bring their reports together, in order to get a sense of our expenses. Nonprofits may want to see that.

Travis: We have organizational officers that function as the CHEA board.

Andy P: Do you feel you're in a place to put forward a proposal?

Hannah: I'll come back with something more tangible. Abby is willing to come to Sunday meetings, but not all nonprofit workers who aren't as invested would want to do that. I'd like to propose that La Reunion accept nonprofit representatives as proxy meeting attendees for their clients.

Travis: We still want their clients to attend meetings.

Hannah: Nonprofit partner representatives can be given proxy wait list status for their clients. When a room or unit becomes available, their client will also attend two meetings with the understanding that they'll have the wait list priority of the nonprofit representative. The nonprofit or the individual can be denied membership according to membership meeting procedures.

Virgess: A nice force to add and maintain diversity and not become niched by age or any other measure.

Z: These organization primarily work with people who would be unable to know about us or access us. I'd like us to go so far as to figure out how the associate program could be structured in such a way that a nonprofit could have a status prioritized over associates. A former prisoner will have a difficult time finding housing. Perhaps for every six associates, we could let a person in. Caritas may come and talk to us, but we might be effectively wasting their time.

Peter: Should have a few people look into the nonprofit's tax structure, etc. and then the house can make a decision.

Hannah: Would do that if we had paid staff, but we're doing this in between tasks. Coops are disorganized. I want to have something so that Abby can come to the next meeting.

Andy P: There's opportunity in the membership committee to decide what nonprofits to invite to meetings in the first place.

Passes with one no vote.

(Travis/Maintenance) what to do with the stuff in the garage

Travis: Maintenance has requested use of that garage for a shop. I want to know what's in there, why it's in there, and if we could move it somehow.

Jessica: I'll take my stuff out this week.

Z: I have a bicycle. There's been talk of a bike rack getting built.

Travis: Was tasked to Paul.

Z: The atrium, or just the garage?

Travis: Just the garage for now.

Hannah: Would be nice to get stuff out of the atrium, too.

Eric: Could have wait sets and such in the space Gatlin was in.

Hannah: Should bring to a meeting. I've had some thoughts about that room, too.

Peter: Does the membership requirement exclude someone who has committed a crime?

Travis: Could be evictable behavior that we'd talk about.

Peter: Do you review peoples' police record?

Travis: Not as a general policy.

Peter: At some nonprofits, if you commit a crime, then you're gone.

Andy P: I don't think there's a problem. We've heard that most things will be moved out. We have space in the atrium for things that won't be moved out.

Nolan: I'll try to have my boxes out in the next week or two. The mini-fridge-looking thing is an electric smoker. I've had a patio of my own that I could lock up. When you use it, it tends to smell smoky for days. I don't want to leave it outside and have it walk off. I don't want to move it into my apartment because it'll smell like wood smoke. Would like to ask for dispensation to keep it in there, or if anyone has ideas to keep it from being stolen, let me know. Could make some brisket for parties.

Victor: Could we store it in the 203 closet?

Nolan: Maybe. Could I have a key?

Victor: Yes.

Nolan: Is there room in a downstairs closet?

Victor: Not my purview; would need to talk with grounds.

Hannah: They're pretty full.

Nolan: I could give 203 a shot.

Travis proposes that the garage be used as a shop for maintenance purposes.

Virgess: Within two weeks, everyone get their things out.

Jesse: Both of the closets need to be organized.

Passes with one abstention.

New business

Z: Roaches.

Eric: We've got to spray this place.

Victor: I haven't gotten any roach hotels into Mari's apartment. Haven't been there when she was there.

Don: I keep my dishes clean and have a lot of them in my apartment.

Victor: If you want to get it sprayed, get some numbers together and see if Ryan will approve it.

Z: It's a basic cleanliness issue of us all being able to live here cooperatively. I do not have the resources to take point on this. I would like someone to take point.

Eric: I can get some quotes. Won't be one treatment–will be multiple treatments. It's going to cost money.

Samuel: Have you heard of bingo ball? Get 21 cans, open up all the cabinets, close windows, set it off. You will not have a roach here for the next ten years.

Virgess: That means it's a residual poison.

Marilyn: Volunteering to be the toxicologist on this project.

Hannah: We've got to talk to this lady.

Andy P: Travis does not sound like he's comfortable translating for that discussion. Can anyone else?

Hannah: I'd want someone from maintenance to give me confirmation that it's still a problem.

Marilyn: In order to get some materials for 202, I registered as the purchaser for CHEA with Home Depot. I don't necessarily want that responsibility, and I'm happy to have it turned over to an officer. Was on the fly; there was a sale on countertops. I think the tax id is under my name.

Jesse: I know that I've purchased stuff from them, and they have us on file.

Don: Victor and I will be looking to get some stuff from Home Depot, too.

Marilyn: CHEA and their address is all you need.

Travis: New member orientation next Sunday at 5:00 in 201.

05 de Enero 2014


Conocer y saludar

Tema 1 del programa

(Travis) Anuncio para nominationes para la elección de oficiales

Tema 2 del programa

(Travis) Demo / Revisión de Miembro Nuevo proyecto de presentación Orientación

Tema 3 del programa

(Hannah) Discutir permitiendo organizaciones sin fines de lucro que trabajan con personas en busca de vivienda asequible la capacidad de actuar como marcadores de posición de proxy para los propósitos de la lista de espera. El individuo que se instale en de la cooperativa todavía tiene que ser aceptada de forma individual, sino que tendrá la fecha de prioridad obtenida por uno de los agentes de la organización. Abby Tatkow con Caritas está interesado en trabajar con nosotros sobre esta tema.

Tema 4 del programa

(Travis/Mantenimiento) ¿Qué vamos a hacer con las cosas en el garaje?

nuevos negocios

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