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November 10, 2013

Present: Roman, Azzurra, Victor, Jessica, Nolan, J.T., Tania, Beth, Mike, Leslie, Travis, Jess, Ryan, Paul, Donny, Diana, Andy G, Mary

Meet and greet

Roman here for second meeting. Does massage for a living.

JT and Tania here for their second meeting.

Roman accepted for membership.


Nolan: The cops have been called multiple times. He has told the cops to shoot him. He has damaged his door. Definitely causes fear.

Ryan: What's the procedure?

travis: We have to discuss the compelling evidence. If anyone states an objection, we have to vote on whether it is valid. If no one objects, we take a vote to accept them. Two people voting against would be enough to block. there was a question of whether to allow them to respond.

Travis: The first time we heard them yelling, Leslie and I attempted to calm them down. A lot of yelling and shouting. J.T. got in my face, yelling at me, making threats, did the same thing to Leslie. that said, he came around afterwards, apologized to both of us. When he's not off the rail, seems like a pretty normal guy.

Leslie: It was an unsolicited “I'm sorry,” awareness to divulge who he was. I don't think it's fake. I'm sort of torn. Jess, Beth, and Diana all told me that they understand and are willing to work with them on their behavior. I'm really torn. I feel the exact same way as Nolan, but they're real people, and they're my neighbors. I'd like to talk to them here and offer them a probationary lease.

Donny: When the cops came, he vaguely threatened everyone who was around. That being said, he's not always in that state of mind. I'd need to hear an explanation from him about threats specifically. If I heard him say that he wouldn't make any more threats, then I might let him in, but would b ready to member review him.

Don: I know them but don't know about any of the incidents. Want to stay neutral.

Nolan: We're having a much longer conversation about this than about Denise in 108, and I feel that she did a lot less. We felt that that situation was unfixable, but I feel that was less dramatic than the police being called. Why have we decided that the stakes are so high? When I lived at Sasona, there was someone with a real anger management issue. He just got away with it for over a year. At one point, this person yelled at me, and I yelled back at him. He gave me an apology, and I bought it. He said that he was working on stuff. And then he would do the same thing again. J.T. is trying to keep his place. They have waited until the last minute to engage with us, until it looked like their position was threatened. I think accepting them would be a really horrible idea. We are not a mental health facility; we are a community. We cannot help when someone is begging the police to shoot them. I don't want to live in a community like that. I don't believe in their apologies. I'm sure they're decent people, but they can do bad things that can seriously affect the community.

Azzurra: Tania and I had a conversation about this. I told her that Nolan felt unsafe, and that Denise was voted out partly because she waited until the last minute. I suspected that she might want to reach out to Nolan. Playing devil's advocate, when we decided to accept Honey, that we were willing to give her the option to write a contract. Does anybody feel like a similar solution could be extended to Tania and J.T.?

Leslie: I mentioned that earlier, and Donny said that we would just member review them when the first thing happened. I would feel weird writing a contract like that.

William: The next incident could be a serious violent incident.

Paul: At one point, I was around when Hannah talked things over with J.T.'s father, who adamantly believes that their relationship is bad and they should not be living together.

Nolan: It sounds like we have a golden opportunity to make a good choice.


Travis volunteers to inform Tania and J.T. that they have been declined.

Officer reports


Diana: If you can, please deposit your rent cheks in the slot in 107. If you are in charge of receipts (ie, Victor/?Azzurra), please deposit them in an envelope in the mail slot in 107. I'll deposit checks on the 14th or 15th or the day afterward.


Donny: Will try to regroup this Wednesday and talk about bank account stuff, re-electing board officers. Wednesday at Sasona at around 8:00.


Paul: Some new, tiny trees planted. Carrots and parsley coming up.

Ryan: Did you find out who the strip of land in the back belongs to?


Ryan: Catching up on stuff after NASCO, paying NASCO, figuring out how our scholarships set up. Trying to establish the office as a mailing address. Need to get something notarized from the board saying that I'm an agent of CHEA and authorized to request a post office box. Daniel wants to switch the official CHEA mailing address to here because there are more people here and it won't get lost. Got our maintenance reimbursement from September. The board needs to get me as a signer on the maintenance account.

Donny: Get us the account number.


Travis: Have scheduled a coordinators' meeting next Friday at 8:00. I'd like to make Tuesdays the regular day we have officer meetings. Not good for Diana. Maybe we'll do another Doodle. Seems that most people could make Tuesdays and Fridays.

Leslie: We could alternate.

Travis: I'd like it if we don't have to have coordinators' meetings very often. Would like to make the focus of Friday's meeting be formulation of a system of committees and have everyone at the coop be on at least one committee and the committees talking about their segment of important things. Still waiting to hear back from Stucco Coop in Australia. They did send me back a brief reply saying that they would respond more fully later. Tomorrow is the Wooten Neighborhood Association meeting. According to the emergency meeting minutes, every voting member voted for Wooten to be part of the district of white people. Still up to the ICRC to make the final decision. I'll go tomorrow to represent the coop. I'll go straight there after work. It's at the Redeemer Methodist(??) church. Need to go around to Barrell(sp?).

Azzurra: Beer would be helpful for the coordinators' meeting.

Travis: If anyone can afford to bring some, feel free.


Leslie: Meeting with Azzurra. Nolan's app not ready yet, but it's sure to streamline things.

Azzurra: I heard you guys' concerns that donations have been overwhelming. I've been reaching out to people who needed labor. Mary has been a total badass and cleared out both refrigerators. the other fridge is now including food that's bulk or guff. there's a whole bunch of meat on the bottom of the fridge closest to the door that needs to be eaten or frozen tomorrow. Bread might be refrigerated or frozen, but we have tons. No Snap this week, but some in the freezer. Black Friday will be a major opportunity to get food from Trader Joe's. I'd like to organize a team of people to go down to Trader Joe's and pick up the food. I'd like to have a house dinner on Sunday that I'll help organize. If you're interested in cooking the reclaimed food, talk to me.

William: Could you talk to Cynthia? She has mentioned an interest in doing a Thanksgiving.

Ryan: If there are so many donations that we can't eat it all, could we make the bulk program open to everybody?

Leslie: this is what we want to do. You are doing so much work. I can't do that–I'm dying at work. I hope your level of involvement can translate to other people.

Azzurra: We have to b really careful on relying on donations. Comes from various sources. Micah 6 hasn't given us anything in the last two weeks. We weren't supposed to have a Trader Joe's run today. Only did because someone let me know that there were pounds of meat. I'd like to see what donations pan out in terms of giving us goods and eventually move us down to two or three large donations. Would like to have all of the donations come on Sunday. Hoping that, by January, it will be turn-key and can be transferred to another officer.

Donny: I'm unclear on what people can eat and what they can't and the label. Some stuff labeled La Reunion, some stuff labeled guff. If someone is not on the bulk plan, shouldn't they be able to get donations?

Leslie: I sent out a clarifying email.

Azzurra: If it's labeled as “food program,” it's unclear if it's bulk or meal. If it's in Nolan's room, I'd say it's bulk. If it's in the refrigerator, leave it to the cooks with the exception of eggs. Unclear if people want organic eggs. If you want organic eggs, take them; otherwise take the non-organic eggs. I'd like for things that are guff to be clearly labeled as guff. The stuff in the refrigerator, much is guff much is not. Come get me.

Ryan: I'm still curious about opening up the bulk program to everybody. If everyone is on the bulk program, you don't have to make a distinction between bulk and guff.

Azzurra: Needs to be a house decision. I'd like to buy more refrigeration for us before we even consider doing that. I need people to continue paying into the program in order to make that happen. There are still bulk items that we'll always have to buy (milk, cheese, oil). Ideologically, I'd like to make it available to everybody.


Beth: I put up a labor change sheet. If you'd like to change your labor, or you're a coordinator and want to change someone's labor, then I'd like to have it in writing. Can't remember everything. People have been making requests in a vague or passive way, and I haven't been taking them because I wasn't sure exactly what they wanted, and they'd think that I didn't want to make the change. If I'm not going to make a change, I'll tell you. If you're a coordinator and don't want someone working for you anymore, or want another person working for you, need that in writing. Working on adding new people to the chart. It's now a Google doc; can be seen in real time.

Azzurra: Are there people who are still behind on labor

Beth: Gatlin, and Elaine. Cynthia has made up her labor for the labor holiday. Elaine has not. I assume she isn't going to and I'll have to fine her.


Nolan: Got a lot of feedback on the inventory app. Hopefully it'll be up and running by the end of the week. Getting together with Charles on Friday to work on the wireless again. Will put up another couple of routers and have a mesh network. Looks like we might be able to do a wireless network for $600, rather than $3,000.


Victor: Mary is going to be our new maintenance dispatch. Wrote up a coordinator description for myself. Setting up trello.

Donny: If you're on the maintenance team, you have to log your stuff to the trello. If you didn't log it, you didn't do it. Put a comment and how many hours you spent.

Ryan: Anybody who shops for anything, no more taxes. Before you do any more shopping, come to me, and I'll print you out a copy of the tax exemption form. Gave Diana a deadline of Wednesday to have the receipts logged. That way I can have a report next week.

Victor: My experience is that people want you to fill out their form.

Ryan: The paperwork I have has all you need to fill out their form. They should take it; it's official from the state of Texas.

New business

Victor: Don and I were stunned by the incredible number of roaches in Mari's apartment. We have a real problem that we do not have a policy for. There's no way we can deal with that without addressing the cleanliness of each individual kitchen.

Travis: Peoples' privacy is very important to them. A lot of people don't want or care to hear other peoples' opinions of how they could improve their own quality of living. If there is a cleanliness issue that is bleeding out into neighboring apartments, then we need to talk to them.

Victor: You can't save one room on a sinking ship. There's no way we could do roach pesticide in other places and stop this.

Azzurra: If you come through the commons and see food out and it's not guff or DCU, please go ahead and put it up. I've been seeing roaches in the pantry, in the kitchen, just about everywhere.

Azzurra: If you have opinions on refrigerators, come talk to me. We'll discuss it next week.

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