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November 3, 2013

Present: Z, Beth, Chris, Diana, Hannah, Jess, Leslie, McALlen, Mike, Molly, Nolan, Patrisa, Seneca, Travis, Victor, William,

Meet and greet

Patrisa: I'm a teacher, looking for a quiet place to live. Like to read and communicate. Also like to stay in my room and read. No pets but like animals. First meeting.

Molly: What brings you to the coop?

Patrisa: I like the idea about community living. It's valuable to help you grow as a person.

Chris: I'm a very avid chess-player. I mostly play on-line. I'd been teaching kids chess before I got into an accident; would like to start doing that again. I dj on-line. I started working at home doing search engine rating stuff. I'm a voracious reader. What's the long-term prognosis for the noise?

Hannah: We've got one loud member with a bunch of loud kids moving out at the end of November. As far as people blaring their stereos and yelling across the street, probably won't go away any time soon, but in the complex I think it's getting better.

Z: What makes you want to transition here from Sasona?

Chris: I need to save money. I don't have a vehicle, and a lot of my friends live up north.

Chris accepted for membership.

(Hannah) Require coordinators who do not have written job descriptions to write one within two weeks. I think this is just the Community Outreach Coordinator and the Technology Coordinator (or whatever we're calling that.) Penalty for failing to do so is a two-lump no-show.

Victor: I don't think I ever wrote one. was I supposed to?

Hannah: I think we had one from Sasona. You should probably look it over.

Hannah: I think that having a relevant and current officer description that isn't written for Sasona just gives us clear communication about what the expectations are.

Victor: The maintenance resolution isn't on the manual.

Mike: I didn't put it in because the resolution we passed made the Sasona descriptions effective for 90 days.

Seneca: Translations.

Nolan: I feel like coops are obsessed with job descriptions. I think it makes you focus more on the words than what is actually done. We don't have a computer lab. We don't have a wireless network up and running. I wrote apps for the coop that haven't got any traction. I do different things depending on what is needed. I don't know my job. I just do whatever I feel needs to be done. If we get a computer lab and a wireless network, managing them is a part-time job. People want us to go after these grants to apply for computers. Taking care of a lab will take more than two hours per week. If I'm no-showable, I think it's an unfair thing to ask of me. I think it's reasonable to focus on what is actually done rather than writing a description that will have to be translated to Spanish. I personally don't want to do that.

Hannah: Yours is a little different from other peoples', but, partly for consistency, I think it doesn't make sense to have descriptions for everything except for yours. If I were you, I'd write something really vague. Ie, work to create, maintain, and support a tech infrastructure for the coop. Maybe you want to work to create tech resources to serve the surrounding community. I think that's better than nothing.

Nolan: If it's two sentences, that's fine?

Hannah: I think that's fine, since it's fluid. Hopefully it'll act as a placeholder.

Travis: I feel like the purpose of job descriptions is to ensure that we have clear lines of responsibility in the coop.

Jess: I agree that people can get pigeon-holed into doing only what their job description provides. A lot of the descriptions here are fuzzy and vague. It's a description to let people know what they're running for when they run for the position. That's good enough. People shouldn't feel limited by it.

Nolan: I would be happy to write a job description if it can be short and vague. I feel frustrated that there's this penalty clause. The last month and a half I spent 20-something-plus hours working on an inventory app and got no feedback, aside from my girlfriend. I put together a fund-raising site that the other fundraiser chose not to use. I'm feeling unappreciated.

Hannah: If you want four weeks and think that's more reasonable, that's fine. I just want it to get done. I don't know what coordinators are doing with their time. My experience with coop sis that things don't get done unless you set a clear line.

Nolan: Do you not feel that the officer reports allow for clear communication for what people are doing?

Hannah: Not everybody is here every week, so not always easy to keep track of.

Leslie: I'm sorry that the inventory app got dropped. It coincided with me getting hired. By the same token, you can email me. I think a lot of us feel the exact same way that you do about feeling under-appreciated.

Diana: I think that, if some positions have descriptions, then all of them should have them, and, to reiterate Jess's point, should be clear to help people running for a position.

Passes unanimously.

(Hannah) Review contract for food plan (TBA, will send out to e-mail but maybe not til Saturday during the day.) To be signed separately from the lease. Who is responsible for keeping up with these? Me? Leslie?

Hannah: As far as I remember, the contracts for a food program are month-to-month and end 30 days after the month on which you give notice. What needs to be on this thing? Should I get this from people when I sign a contract? Should I keep track of people? My thoughts are that it should probably have dietary stuff, too, so that it's all in one place. I probably should do this initially when I get contracts signed because I'm already talking to them. I don't feel like I should have to do it subsequently because I have nothing to do with it.

Leslie: Yes, I think it makes sense that you initially do it. I think it makes sense for the food coordinator to handle subsequently, so that I know who is in it.

Hannah: Maybe we could have a file in the office where we keep the other contracts to keep the food contracts. We need to keep Diana in the loop.

Leslie: We already have a survey.

Hannah: I'll roll that into the contract.

Leslie: I think I need to talk to Z at length more about what should be in the contract. We were thinking that the donations would be enough for everybody to be on the food program, and you'd just pay more if you want bulk. They've been made 80% out of the free stuff.

Travis: The secretary could keep everything organized.

Victor: I think the contract should specify a limited number of food options that will be accommodated. That's going to be the real world.

Z: I wanted to second what Leslie is saying about wanting enough of our program to be from reclaimed food that people who aren't currently buying in would be able to share in meals. I'd like not to have to worry about having a donation jar on the table for dinner.

Leslie: We're still gaging what's going on with the donations.

Hannah: Would you guys rather write the contract, or would you rather I write it?

Leslie: I could write one up.

Hannah: Could I look it over?

Z: I want no part in writing it.

Hannah: Seneca and Mary both signed $400 contracts with the meal plan unspecified.

Seneca: I've said I'd be going on it, but I haven't signed anything.

Hannah: it's kind of on the honor system.

Hannah: Could we set a deadline by the end of November?

Officer reports


William: Friday night at work, Meghan had a seizure. I spent the weekend at the hospital until about 4:00 today. She is fine. I'm supposed to average ten hours per week. There's no hard wording in the description of when the tally is taken. I'm in a big hole; owe about 20 hours. There's plenty of work to do.


Travis: Last week there was a special neighborhood association meeting Monday to talk about redistricting and how Wooten would fit in. Wooten is bunched in with neighborhoods to the north and east. Wooten is the only neighborhood south of 183 that's part of district 4. Calling it a Latino opportunity district. The other district is District 7, which is Crestview and other communities going down the east side of Mopac. I didn't go to the meeting, but, from comments on Facebook, people were talking about sticking with district 4 because we'd effectively have two council reps who care about us, one who we voted for and one who cares about white people. I'll go to the real NA meeting. There's a tree planting on the 16th from 9-noon. Designed a series of pages based on the conflict resolution kit from the coop in Australia.


Hannah: I have some rooms coming up. 211 opening on November 30. Jesse is taking a roommate December 1. Planning for Diana and Jessica to move into 211. Gatlin technically has priority; sent him an email. Will assume he isn't interested if he doesn't respond by the 3rd. Haven't found anybody for the other half of Jesse's unit. Been communicating with people on Craigslist and the waiting list. Can't find anyone who will take a room with a male and okay with cats. Maybe Chris will be a good match. The lady in 207 left.


Leslie: We need people to be responsive about receiving things. If you know places where donated food would be appreciated, take it there. Travis and I took a bunch of stuff across the street this morning.

Z: I need more people to help me pick up donations, put them away, etc. If we go down to Trader Joe's ourselves, we get a better selection of what we actually want. The day after Thanksgiving, Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, etc. will have a lot of food. Consider how many frozen turkeys you can take into your unit. I'd like to have a big, huge sit-down dinner the Sunday after Thanksgiving and use as much of the reclaimed food as possible. I'd like to buy more refrigerator space for the house and use food program money. I'd like to have house consensus. We could have more food coming in if we had the infrastructure to take it. I need more labor assigned to inventory and receiving of donations. I cannot continue doing as much as I've been doing.

Leslie: I think it's part of a larger conversation we need to have with everybody. Keep Austin Fed has been fabulous and very helpful, but it keeps growing. I want to make sure all of this free food is going to be manageable. If we all want this, then I think we need to collectively agree that we want to do all of this labor.

Hannah: I would like to set the expectation that, if you receive a donation, you're responsible for the commons space looking as good or nicer than it did when you receive it. It's weird when you're showing a prospective member around and there are trash bags of bed everywhere.

Z: Jessica and I put in about three hours Saturday afternoon for restructuring and putting things away. I can't be the only person who is responsible for making sure that this stuff gets put away.

Hannah: I think that more labor is the answer.

Leslie: We never discussed Keep Austin Fed. It just appeared. Was at the same time we were restructuring the food program. It's been a fabulous thing, but we were in the middle of restructuring the food program. We need to come together; I'd rather have these freezers that you want first before we make all of these plans for stuff. We all need to discuss it.


Nolan: Put in some work on the inventory app. Added a bar code reader. We have barcodes on all the Snap Kitchen stuff. Last week, Erin told me that she didn't want to use the fundraising site I set up for tech. I'm a little bit concerned that we would have two fundraising sites. Maybe we need to have an agenda item to decide on one or the other. If we have two places to send people, where do they go? What's to stop a third person from setting up a LR donate site that's not us? If she really doesn't want to use it, that's fine. If we're splitting people up, I feel like it'll create a lot of confusion.

Travis: Erin said in her email that she had finished creating a web site. Have you seen it?

Nolan: I have not. She wanted to get the bank account from me. I'm okay with handing out the fundraising bank account but don't want to do it by email. I've told her to call me and she hasn't.

Seneca: Someone had mentioned a fundraising site. I'd been scouring the emails and Facebook feed, and I was unable to find the site so far.

Nolan: We haven't really promoted it. I was counting on Erin's help with the visual appearance of the site. I wonder if I shouldn't promote the site because I haven't had anybody give visual feedback and fix it. I'd like to do that before we promote it.

Mike: Is there a deadline for the site you set up?

Nolan: We have the equipment until the end of the month. The crowd hosting has a deadline of Dec. 31.

Z: Gatlin was out of town, and we got a notice that looked like the cable was behind. Andy was a badass and just paid the bill. If anyone would like to throw a little cash to Andy, might be a nice thing to do.


Victor: Last Monday, Mark came out, and there was nobody here to help get in the place. Now he won't return my calls or emails.

Jess: He was here last Friday. He fixed our vent, and Honey paid him.

Victor: I need to be asleep during Mark's working hours. Honey is not working out with this stuff. Honey is mad at me because I didn't put her lock in on time. Frank and I have been doing a lot of good work together. Got a few bids on the stuff with the boiler. Got a bit from a small company for $7,000, including a brand new boiler. I'm going to turn Frank loose on the water on the laundry room floor. Been working with a program called Trello, trying to store information and get accountability for maintenance. Seems to be going well.


Jess: Elaine leaving at the end of November. Fufu and Brittany will also be moving out around that time. I've been getting a lot of requests from across the street for really simple things. People want rides to the pharmacy or the grocery store, etc. Take this opportunity to do what we can to help people out.

Hannah: I'd like us to get a canvas banner. I'm okay with funding it. I think we should use your logo.

Victor: I think we'd be obligated to pull a sign permit.

Jess: If it's not on the street, I don't think they're considered the same.

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