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October 20, 2013

Present: Don, Donny, Hannah, Jeff, Joe, J.T., Leslie, Mary, Mike, Molly, Ryan, Tinnea, Travis

Meet and greet

Joe, Jeff, and J.T./Tinnea here for their first meeting.

Joe England: I've been around, did a little work for Donny, lived with Victor at Arc 35 years ago. I play flute and piccolo; played yesterday with a Cuban band. Also play with the Minor Mishap Marching Band. I do programming and house repairs as needed.

Tinnea: We've been here for about a year. We've seen improvements since you got here, and we want to be a part of it.

JT: I want to be a part of everybody helping each other with the community. I know it's a group effort to help with progress. I'm willing to do anything.

Jeff: I've managed the housing coops in Santa Barbara. I'm familiar with LR through NASCO. Interviewing for GM at College Houses.

Ryan: How many coops in Santa Barbara?

Jeff: 5, and one is an apartment coop.

(Travis) Approve new logo and brochure designed by Travis for La Reunion

Mary: Why are La and Re so prominent?

Travis: We've been using as an abbreviation.

Leslie: I think Jess wanted to do something.

Travis: I'm going to the Cooperation Texas fair next Saturday. I wanted to have something to show there.

Hannah: Didn't seem like he had anything to say about it.

Donny: There's nothing to prevent us from accepting this. We could vote to accept something else two weeks from now.

Ryan: If Jess wants to do it, I'd like to see. Competition is good. Even if we didn't vote and waited for Jess, I don't think that would prevent you from going to the fair. I'd suggest waiting a couple weeks to make sure Jess doesn't want to do anything and not do anything permanent for now. Otherwise, let's vote on it, and you can take it to the coop fest.

Travis: I prefer the hands around the world one.

Victor: I like the center one that's more simple with the star. I find the people kind of distracting. To me it communicates the coop much better.

Hannah: I like the middle one except that it blends into the background with the white part. I'd like a thick line around the square.

Molly: The simplicity of the star is very appealing, but I also like the hands. I think the hands are a little more friendly and scary because they could be strangling the logo. I think the star is good; it's less busy.

Ryan: I think it's cramped. I prefer the hand-holding.

Hannah: With the hand-holding, the square blocks cut off the people.

Travis: I did that intentionally because I thought it looked weird having a square inside a circle. In the color version it's more delineated.

Hannah: I like the people because it's friendlier. The star looks more official. I think we're friendly, too, and that's an important part of the message we want to put out.

Ryan motions to vote.

Hannah proposes a straw poll instead.

9 people like option A; 5 people like option B.

Hannah moves to vote to approve option A.

Tinnea: I don't think there's anything wrong with having a square inside a circle. It's still nice.


Discussion moves to the brochure.

Hannah: It's really hard to read the number and email on the first page.

Travis: Y'all want to have contact information on the front and the back page?

Joe: Making it bigger would be good.

Hannah: Might be better not to have it on there if it's illegible to a lot of people. Ideally it would be there, but, if it's going to be tiny, might be better not to have it.

Motion to accept the brochure.


Officer Reports


Hannah: Corresponded some with the lady in 207 and her council to make sure we have everything squared away with her being out at the end of the month, and our being paid. Mary has paid her deposit and membership fees; will sign a contract tonight. Marilyn is joining as an associate. Seneca is still planning on moving in. Mary will move into Victor's room. Seneca is going to move in with Molly. Meghan and William will move into 207. I am not going to be in town next weekend to help with the children's program. Cassandra still wants to do it and to bring a friend. I'd like it if people check in on her, maybe be around to let her in. 12-1 next Sunday. Honey was great about helping the other day.


Victor: Both me and William were horribly sick this week. Got everything finished in 207. We had a window fall out and break in 203. Got it all repaired. Some of the windows here aren't in the frame properly. If you have a window that's loose, let me know. If it does fall out and break, please don't throw the whole thing away. I need the frame to put new glass in; you can't get the frames by themselves.

Nolan: How loose is too loose?

Victor: The lock was the only thing holding the frame against the window.

Don: What about the fittings? Did you stop doing them?

Victor: I was sick this Tuesday. I plan on doing them Tuesday night. I'd love your help if you're available.


Donny: The board didn't meet last week.

Hannah: Ryan and I were talking about how to elect a community representative. If we're going to have one of those, I think we should have more set and less regular board meetings, maybe every other week.

Donny: I'm certainly willing to propose it. Meeting every Thursday hasn't really been happening.

Hannah: I think that Ryan and I would be willing to help solicit a community rep to run.

Donny: Both houses would have to approve it.


Ryan: I've started looking at budgeting. I think we want to start off with integrating our budget with the CHEA budget. I would like to see a board that meets semi-regularly and have a community trustee to have a tie-breaker. I'd like to put everybody on the food plan. Otherwise, if people don't pay all their rent, I don't know if it's because they didn't join the food program. I have to communicate with the food people every month. I think it's a bad policy.

Mary: Why isn't everybody on the food plan?

Travis: We felt that, because of the wide diversity of members, we have members with families, or on assistance and might not necessarily need to be part of the food program. There are different requirements, dietary restrictions and whatnot. We wanted to give people flexibility.

Mary: That's the reason I joined.

Ryan: We didn't want to put an undue burden on people. We were already raising the rent $50 compared to when they bought the property. Balancing our over-budget maintenance with our surplus, in the future I think we can balance the maintenance budget and provide food without raising the rent an extravagant amount.

Hannah: The food program is not tied to the lease. I plan to sign new leases just with the rent rate and not with the food program.

Travis: I think there needs to be a written agreement, so that we know we're getting the money.

Hannah: I may not be able to do that until people move in.


Nolan: We finally have the mesh network. I'm getting a lot better reception than I was with our sort of ad-hoc set-up before. We have equipment until the middle of November. I'll hopefully build it out this week so that the southeast corner has better coverage. I have spent significant time last week working on an app to track inventory for our food and shopping lists. I think that, if we had a way of looking at our web site to see what we had, we could plan our own personal meals better. I have that more or less done.

Mike: Do you have a fund-raising URL that we should be posting around and/or using to donate?

Nolan: I'm a little bit hesitant to send it out because my understanding was that Erin would be helping with copyrighting. I have not heard from Erin in weeks. I could give you a URL, but I wouldn't feel comfortable sending to people.

Ryan: I still have a box of cat-5 in my closet.

Hannah: Let's put it in the closet.


Leslie: Still getting used to how much people are eating and what people want. Z and I spent a great deal of money last weekend at Cosco. If you're a cook and there is stuff you'd like to see, or if you have dietary restrictions, please let us know. This week, look for more meals that are getting more hearty. It'll get more organized. Just be patient. There are people across the street who I know for a fact like Snap, like Russ. Travis and I still have a freezer full of Snap Kitchen stuff.


Travis: At the beginning of the week, I went online and found a really great web site made by the Conflict Resolution Network(?). Had some useful resources for approaching conflict and communicating. Was going to turn it into a poster collage. There are links on the web site in the membership section. Worked on the logo and the brochure.

Hannah: You emailed Stukko(sp?)

Travis: According to my dad, they're the only housing coop that's anything like ours. I sent them an email to see if they could give us information on how they work.

Ryan: ICC offers a conflict resolution training every semester.

Travis: I attempted to organize an officer meeting. So far I haven't been very fruitful, but I sent out a Doodle survey for next week.

Hannah: If you decide to make a collage, make it big enough to cover the fuse box case and the other two metal things.

New business

Hannah: I got a tree from Tree Folks. It's a red bug. I want to plant it by the curb and put some netting around it so it's more visible.

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