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*October 13, 2013


Meet and greet

Officer Reports

Agenda item 1

(Leslie) Change name of Potluck Coordinator to Food Coordinator, change labor from 1 hour to 2 to support Food Procurer role.

Agenda item 2

(Travis) Clarify labor requirements for members. Current members will be required to do the amount of labor hours they originally were required to do when signing their current contract, unless a member formerly not a participant in the food program decides to join the food program, at which point their labor requirement will increase from 2 to 4 hours per week. All future contracts (including contract renewals) going forward will require 4 hours of labor per adult living in the apartment (i.e. staying beyond 14 days with or without approval of the cooperative), regardless of whether that person is on the lease or approved for membership into the Cooperative.

Agenda item 3

(Hannah) Our vision for the vacated space in the Commons—currently Nolan's former room and the big room outside of Gatlin's room, in the near future will include Gatlin's current room as well.

New business

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