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August 11, 2013

Present: :Cynthia, Don, Donny, Erin, Gatlin, Gina, Hannah, Jesse, Jessica, Mike, Nolan, Paul, Ryan, Sarah, Victor

Meet and greet

Officer reports


Hannah: Mari and Teofilo signed their lease. Thanks to Sarah and Travis for helping translate the lease into Spanish. Some discrepancy for one unit about when the lease ends. Emailed HACA to see what their take is. Denise will come for a couple meetings. Will sign for the rest of the year, taking over Carleton's lease. Trying to advertise a lot because we've got a fair number of units opening in the fall.

Nolan: What's going on with overpopulation? We're at the 14-day mark.

Hannah: Didn't see the people there for a little while, so thought they moved on, but I've seen them in the last few days. I can talk to her.


Nolan: Sent the cable that we need to Ryan.

Ryan: Will be here in the next week.

Nolan: Will try to get Charles over with the equipment that he'll let us borrow. Done some back end work on the server. Done some experiments with replacing the mailing list.


Victor: We got our new water valve. Only cost us $400, rather than $800, since we dug the ditch. The cold water might not have as much pressure as it used to. I need to change the water stops(?) in every apartment to get the right water flow. Since I'm used to working all night and it's a real inconvenience but necessary to shut off the water to all the apartments, I'm thinking I'll replace them from 1-5 in the morning Sunday and Monday nights. That way I'll only need to disturb the people who are getting the new water stops. Had to get two units to where they'll pass HACA inspection. One had a leaky faucet in the sink. The faucets for the sink we have here, which have holes eight inches apart, the cheapest cost $90. Cheaper to replace the whole sink with faucets that are four inches apart. For $86, I can put in ADA-compliant handles. Future replacement costs are way, way lower.

??: Kitchen, or bathroom?

Victor: Bathroom sinks. I don't know about kitchen sinks.

Sarah: If you do the water shut-off in the middle of the night, can you send an email so I can notify Mari and Teofilo and the folks in 208? They asked me at length the other day why we were shutting off the water.

Victor: If you talk to 208, tell them we've completed the contract to get their roof leak fixed, but we don't have a date. I'll replace their bathroom sink within two weeks.

Sarah: I'll let them know on my way out.

Cynthia: My water is hot.

Victor: Every time I have to shut off the water, it is wise to shut off the boiler. The boiler has a old-time analog controller on it. I have never adjusted the temperature more than about four degrees according to the wheel, but the temperature of the water has changed about 20 degrees. I seem to get a different result every time I move that wheel.

Cynthia: I'm not complaining. I've never had that hot.

Victor: It seems hot enough to scald people. I'll turn it down again later tonight.

Donny: It's clear you are busting your butt on our behalf, so thank you. I got a new oven. My parents paid for it. I paid Frank out of my own money to install it. Now we have an old oven in the courtyard that we can use for parts.

Victor: I don't want to rebuild that stove, but Cynthia's is worth rebuilding because it has electronic ignition. It's in the office now. Unless someone wants parts off of that oven, I don't think it's worth rebuilding. We can rebuild the one here. It's much safer and more modern.


Ryan: Had a conference call with Daniel and Nicole. Trip joined in for a bit (he's the CHEA treasurer). Talked about the maintenance budget. We had the wrong number on minor maintenance. Both are at $12,000. That puts us more over budget than I thought. The maintenance budget isn't strictly budgeted between the two houses. If we end up over-spending, NP will pay us, but we end up having a political problem. It's a political problem right now anyways. We have to set up the board. Daniel suggested a maintenance committee for CHEA. If we have something catastrophic happen, I'm not going to not spend the money. The total budget for CHEA maintenance is $35,000. If we start talking to the people at Sasona about what our CHEA money should go to and what the best pay-offs are, we can probably allocate some money for important projects. It's likely that we will over-spend even if we don't talk to them, so we should talk to them before we lose any good will, since we're starting to infringe on their maintenance budget. We can set up a CHEA maintenance committee. We can talk about it at the board. We can have a general membership meeting. We have a total of $7,100 left for move-out assistance. I'm thinking I'll write a policy to shift it into surplus. The vacancy reserve cap is $23,000. Right now we're at $9,000. My job is split into two jobs at Sasona, and there are half as many people there. Spent eight hours doing treasurer labor this week. Will be a good idea to start allocating labor into the treasury positions when we start having extra labor. It's good to have 3-4 people looking at the money since it's harder to defraud people.

Mike: Are we still planning on using moving assistance money to make up the difference for tenants with deposits less than what we're asking for?

Hannah: I don't think we should credit anybody $300-500 that they will then be able to pull out as their deposit when they move, but I think we should keep that money available as being able to be applied to damages when people move out if their deposit doesn't cover it.

Ryan: i think we could use the vacancy fund for that. I can find out.

Donny: Daniel had set aside $4,000 because he thought that we would be replacing dish washers, so I'd credited that to minor maintenance.

Ryan: Might have come from the NP maintenance reserve fund, which was $4,000. Any coop could draw from it, but would likely be us.

Paul: How is the treasury set up at Sasona?

Ryan: They have a bookkeeper and treasurer.

Jessica: I take rent. I process it. That's pretty much all I do right now. Plan on working with Nicole more.

Victor: Within a period of 5-10 years, we'll have a major expense for replacing the roof. I believe that, if we were to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity as a member of the coop, we could bank up a number of hours, and we could end up in a position where all we have to do would be to buy up the materials, and the labor would come back to us, so we might be able to get the roof done by good folks at a fraction of what it would otherwise cost.


Paul: It's August. Not much to report. Ryan helped me pull out the rose and oleander stump. We got two new hoses.

Jesse: Container gardens being used as ash trays, particularly on weekends.

Paul: We've got the one trash can in there.

Discuss findings on the "Gate the Courtyard" effort so far (Donny)

Donny: Don't have an official estimate, but he gave me a back-of-the-envelope estimate. maybe $3-4000 for the three gates. That's not running electricity, but could install mechanical gate. The city engineer told me that they would only need access to the north gate. They can get a special box that they can install that will have a key for them. We need to have a key override.

Sarah: How do you want to proceed?

Donny: When I have a final bid, then I'll bring it to the house for a vote.

(Hannah) Allow Gatlin to stay on in the tiny tie-dye room on a month-to-month contract until the end of the year, after the expiration of his current contract September 30th.

Hannah: Gatlin and I were talking about the end of his lease coming up. Because it's in this room, then it doesn't bother me.

Gatlin: I physically need to be elsewhere. I would like to be an associate here. If I could simplify things on my end, I think I could pay more attention to this place. Month-to-month gives me the ability to find a place.

Hannah: It would end at the end of the year, just like Paul's. When you give notice, then you are still obligated to pay 30 days from the last day of the month that you give notice.

Hannah: You would just be in the small room? The big room would be open for public use?

Gatlin: Yes.


What is up with the bags full of cans in the back alley? Whose are they, and what do we want to do about them? (Gina)

Gina: I am your friendly neighborhood recycle guru. There is a growing amount of cans in bags in the ally.

Victor: I have directed bums back there, and they have taken off several bags of them.

Gina: I don't know if a tenant is saving them, or what have you, but I'd like to propose to be able to haul them off.

Sarah: Would you be taking them to recycling, or to a scrap place?

Gina: I could look into that.

Fund-raising check-in

Erin: We had 22 survey responses. 7 items had 5 votes or more. Fixing the laundry room had the most votes. Accessibility was next. Next was A/c Units. New outlets, gates, gas cut-offs replaced, making the iron railings sturdier. My next course of action is to put out a survey with these seven items and put out the top three.

Victor: Susie got a bit for getting new machines and fixing the floor. $11,000.

Mike: It would be good to know how much things would cost.

Sarah: Access stuff can vary in terms of cost, what we can access to do it, whether we can leverage city money.

Don: My panel still doesn't work.

Victor: I won't have time to look at it. Talk to Greg.

Don: If there is anything I can do, then I'll do it myself.

Erin: I was planning to get estimates.

Mike: Do you have a ball-park estimate of what you'll be willing to fund-raise for?

Erin: I don't have a limit.

Sarah: If there are things that will be cheaper or easier to do, that might affect priorities as well.

Hannah: Daniel has been talking to a couple of us about accessibility money that NASCO has that we'll probably be the beneficiaries of. Maybe not all of it. They have about $6,000. We may get most or all of it, since we're the only house that has people requesting the access and is liable to use it.

Erin: Who's doing that work?

Sarah: Nolan, Daniel, and I are working on it. Daniel sent Nolan and I an email last week saying that there's $6,000 in the fund and, as far as he's concerned, it's ours as long as we can come up with plans for what to do with it and have contractors and bids. I'll be talking to people who I know to do some consulting. Will see if Greg's friend can draft out something for that space.

Hannah: Greg's friend wants to get paid if he does work for us again.

Erin: I'm happy to delegate the contracting and figuring out of things to you.

Sarah: Maybe we can collaborate on that. I can figure out what needs to be done.

Nolan: We're going to talk with Daniel to work with him to hire a consultant. We'll come to the coop when we have a plan.

Donny: It's awesome that you guys are looking to bring money into this place. Off our rent, all we can do is fix the very broken things right now.

New business

Paul: I'd like to get more soil for the internal courtyard and for elsewhere. How much money would people be willing to contribute from the general fund for that?

Ryan: I can't actually allocate spending.

Paul: We could get three cubic yards for about $300, but it's money that we could be spending to repair things as well. We don't even have potting soil at the moment.

Donny: I was excited to do some work on my own toilet this weekend. The flow valve was not closing on my old one. Was able to replace. If there's anything you think you can fix yourself, try to fix it yourself. Victor is swamped.

Victor: Mike has flapper valves.

Nolan: Somebody disconnected the smoke alarm in the commons. Seems like a better solution might be to put a towel under the smoke detector. You'll probably notice the towel.

Jessica: There's also a button on the smoke detector. Further, HoC burned down because of a glue gun.

Sarah: Arrakis burned down because of a toaster.

Hannah: We're going to see if we can garner the interest to have the A&M nutrition classes, Tuesdays from 6-7:30. I told them that we would certainly be willing to play host to it; not 100% confident that we'll be able to come up with enough people to make them want to do it.

Donny: When's our next party? The hootenanny was amazing.

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