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July 7, 2013

Facilitator: Sarah
Minutes-taker: Mike

Present: Sarah, David, Mike, Victor, William, Sarah, Meghan, Beth, Nolan, Donny, Vinny, Claude, Will, Gatlin, Claude, Greg

Meet and greet

Will has no pets, interested in a full unit

Vinny “would probably take a roommate”

David and Vinny accepted for membership

Officer reports


Ryan: Sent out an income statement for the first quarter. Looking pretty good. $2,000 in the whole, but you'll notice that our rents are going up. Every month the amount we've taken in has gone up. Will probably keep doing that for a few months. Just heard back from HACA. The approved rental rate will be $800. Capital improvement budgeted for $3,000 for a single quarter, but spent $6,191. Also had a $2,900 deposit for utilities. We were around $300 over budget for utilities, and that included the deposit, so we should save a lot on utilities.

??: How much did you buy the property for?

Mike: $925k.


Meghan: I've been out of town. Me and Beth are going to get food coordinated on Wednesday. If anyone wants to volunteer to cook on Friday, that will give us a week to get scheduling together.

Molly: I'll be cooking Monday and Friday.

Meghan: You and Beth cooking Monday.

Molly: Also cooking Friday, right?

Meghan: We have to re-do the schedule so that everyone can get hours. I'd rather have somebody different cook Friday.

Molly: Is there a reason why the food program implies labor in the food program, or is labor just labor?

Gatlin: I personally see no problem with that.

Meghan: If everybody does it, we don't have enough hours in the food program. Me and Beth need to work things out. Everything's really up in the air. I need to get people cooking this week that can be stable and show up.

Molly: Do you want people to be learning how to cook?

Gatlin: Based on the feedback that I got, I created two cooks/different kinds of cleaning for Mon-Wed-Fri. We did have enough hours for that.

Meghan: We have two people cooking on Monday that can't. Z out of town. Didn't really want the same people cooking every Mon/Wed/Fri. That's all going to get worked out this week. I wanted to get stable people to cook this week.

Molly: i wanted to fill in Mon and Fri.

Gatlin: up to Beth now.

Nolan: We have maintenance meetings regularly. I wonder if it would make sense to have kitchen meetings regularly.

Meghan: There's supposed to be three people on the kitchen committee. We need somebody for Friday.


Donny: Frank came out Saturday. Discovered that the city water cut-off actually works. Now we can stop the water to our property. We can put in our own water cut-off. We can fix leaky showers.

David: You want to put in a ball valve.

Donny: He did a lot of work on the laundry room. The shower in 207 no longer drains into the laundry room. Going to work on the floor drain more. We have a stove on order for Cynthia in 210. Will be delivered early this week. Will have Frank put that in.

Victor: He is going to have his assistant finish the trench.

Donny: Greg made shelves for the maintenance closets. William is working on a lock for 205.

William: Sorting out AC filter sizes. We have a wide variety of sizes.

Victor: We're going to try to go into the rooms together. We'll get information on shower plumbing stuff that we have to buy. Will work on the roof leak tomorrow. Hannah is going to take on the bed bug issue.

Donny: Claude, should be people coming on Thursday to check out your unit.

David: Roof patch is now illegal because it's petroleum-based. There's proflex.

Victor: I'd like to put together a video library for things like working on a toilet, taking apart a p-trap. I see a lot of my job as teaching you to fix these minor problems.


Nolan: We have migrated entirely onto our own infrastructure. Our domain name and hosting is entirely owned by the coop. We need to put in a credit card for our domain name account. Not going to worry about that for now. All of our infrastructure is on a series of accounts that, if you guys don't want as tech person, I can hand over to someone else. In the process of moving onto our new infrastructure, I broke the wiki. I'm sorry about that. Trying to figure that out but also trying to set up a new wiki that will have a blog. Want to show that we're doing parties, know-your-rights trainings. Want to make it into a hub, so that people nearby can know what we're doing. My top two priorities for the next week are working on getting this wiki into shape and the cameras. I know people want to focus cameras on the dumpster, the parking lot. I need somebody with eyeballs to work with me. I've had a crazy schedule for the past few days.

Gatlin: I'm happy to do some of the grunt work of migrating pages over.

Mike: Are the mailing lists still run by Google?

Nolan: Going to leave that at Google for now. I was given an account. It is one of the accounts that I can just hand over. I don't know if we want to keep our mailing lists there given that Google cooperates with the NSA. I'm going to for the time being. I want our tech decisions to be the same as what we make about food. We should create an infrastructure that's not as likely to be spied on by the NSA. But right now it's not a priority for me.

Meghan?: Is there any reason we have a wiki and we're not trying to create a web site that's professional looking, and a message board system?

Nolan: I want to schedule a tech committee meeting in the next week or two. I want to see the web site and the wiki not be a separate thing. I want individuals to be able to take responsibility and log onto the wiki and update the site. I can set up a structure. I'm not as good at writing copy. I know that Erin wants to do marketing. It would be great if someone good at marketing could log in and write copy. I think that we can make that look professional with the right skin and theme. Could be wrong but want to investigate before adding something more complex.

Meghan?: There are alternatives; could make a database-driven web site. Could be a long-term project.

Nolan: I agree. Will schedule a tech meeting in a week or so. I'd love to have a solid plan going forward, including software development. I want to make sure we have a plan instead of just vaguely talking about doing things. If we're doing marketing in the next two months, we need a solid web site.

(Victor) Coordinate with Giovani across the street to stop the dumping

Victor: Giovani is not here, but he is a very concerned resident across the street. About my age. Works in a car dealership. Coordinating with a couple friends across the street. Concerned that this area is going down-hill very much. If I hadn't forgotten, I would've tried to round him up and bring him here. He approached me about trying to keep the street quieter, mentioned that there were other people over there of the same mind. Hoping that, through Giovani, I can get some of our neighbors to come in and make this whole neighborhood a place of happiness and fulfillment.

Ryan: Did he say anything more concrete than that?

Victor: The dumping was what he was concerned about. Also the noise in the parking lot across the street. We talked about Suzie, and there are a lot of code violations, no maintenance done over there. Could try to get the Tenants Council to come over here and tell us about what the tenants' rights are, to be something empowering for the whole neighborhood.

Sarah: I used to do tenants rights work. I have connections at the Tenants Council. I would be willing to facilitate something.

Victor: I'll try to get Giovani over next Sunday.

Ryan: When me and Gatlin were digging the trench, we did it at night. A cop came by, circled a few times. Right as we were finishing up, he shined his light on us and asked what we were doing. He was telling us about the police work in the neighborhood. Apparently there are three different cop units. Their borders all intersect in this neighborhood. They recently got a grant to do a lot of heavy policing in Rundberg. There are a lot of slummy hotels with drugs and prostitution. They see a lot of that activity moving in this direction, to the apartments behind the convenient store.

Victor: That is part of what Giovani is concerned about, the displaced crime looking for a new place to infest.

Ryan: He gave me his number.

Victor: I was hoping for that to be the third step, that, when we got together and decided that we wanted better policing, we could say what we want.

Nolan: I would be really, really opposed to getting the police in here. The police have killed Byron Carter. We as a neighborhood have a lot of minority populations. If you're white and male, then it's one thing. If you're black or hispanic, getting a long-term police unit in here could lead to hard feelings.

Victor: Giovani is black, and he brought this up, and the other two families don't speak English, and they want the police presence here.

Nolan: Probably a better way would be to make our community more solid.

Victor: I meant it to be the third step; don't think we need to talk about it right now.

Sarah: I'm not necessarily opposed, but any involvement needs to be driven by the community.

Victor: And this is.

Sarah: As things sort of decline, maybe sitting down with people asking to what extent we want police presence.

Victor: They want police presence to prevent the dumping. There's no amount of coalescing that will solve that problem.

Sarah: We want to get them involved for specific reasons. Folks may be undocumented.

Molly: Whatever is driven by community tenants may be good. WIll be a corresponding decrease of interest the more the neighborhood appears to be interested in interacting. If we coordinate and have specific things, it will probably decrease their involvement.

Nolan: If our concern is the dumping, are the police able to help us? Seems like it would be a civil matter.

Victor: No, it is illegal for construction companies to be dumping gmaterial here. That is what is happening. Police can write a citation. If we can get the cameras, get numbers and license plates.

Gatlin: In general, you should always be weary when talking to law enforcement, but not all police are actively out to get everyone all the time. I know nobody here said that, but don't want to go in that trajectory. Might be a useful resource to stop people dumping on us.

Greg: I saw a guy put a mask over his face and throw stuff in the dumpster.

Victor: And beside the dumpster.

Ryan: Police are rolling by here often enough. I don't think it would increase their patrols if we tell them we don't want dumping. Would just tell them what to look for.

Nolan: If we're talking about the dumping, I'm fine with the police helping with that. The police can do a whole lot more. Let's engage with them within the scope of the dumping.

New business

Nolan: Is there any way we could get a $100-or-less fridge in that kitchen? If I went to Wheatsville and picked up a couple bags of grocery items, would be no place to put them.

Ryan: Where would we put it?

Nolan: Possibly where the deep freezer is. We could move the microwave depending on how tall it is. The deep freezer is unplugged, not being used, a waste of space.

Meghan?: What all is being stored?

Sarah: Common food and individual food.

Meghan: Left-over from meals?

Sarah: Or ingredients to make them.

Greg: Typically left-overs are stored in serving dishes.

Ryan: Sometimes people put in tupperware, but there are still a few dishes in large serving bowls.

Donny: I would agree we need more fridge space.

Nolan: By the time this gets to be a point of crisis for the house, it will long have surpassed the point for me. I need to provide food for myself on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Unless I'm willing to go to Wheatsville every two days, will have a hard time storing things. If we can't coordinate picking a fridge up, then my labor of searching would be wasted.

Ryan: Would have to be a maintenance expense. I wouldn't feel comfortable approving a fridge.

Meghan: I'm leery to have two crappy fridges and not one good one, but, at the same time, we do need short-term solutions.

Greg: I've rehabilitated the 206 fridge. It can come down here.

Sarah: 206 doesn't have a fridge.

Greg: Hasn't had one until this weekend. I can come down here to access things.

Nolan: I'd be willing to help move the fridge down.

Meghan: I can help on Wednesday.

Greg: We need a particular kind of dolly.

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