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April 28, 2013

Facilitator: Greg
Minutes-taker: Mike

Present: Hannah, Donny, Greg, Mike, William, Elaine, Claude, Mari, Honey, Cynthia

New members

Mari has no pets

Honey and Cynthia accepted for membership

Officer reports


Hannah: Talking to HACA about what we can and can't do. have an agenda item about all new contracts having a $50 fee for food, but optional for people already here. New contracts, keys.

Greg: Office hours.

Hannah: We have office hours. No one showed up yet, but it's what I expected. I like that we're available as real people on some kind of schedule, even if it's just a couple hours/week. Also, our sign blew down.


Ryan: Started receiving utilities bill. Paid about $3000/month, plus $1000 from previous month. Received a bill for $600 on water, 21 on 106, gave two notices to vacate but haven't received rent yet. Will proceed with eviction procedures tomorrow morning and take it from there.

Honey: Rent is going to be $800?

Hannah: For all new units. Wanted to make sure $850 was within rent reasonableness for that building. Need some non-sec8 tenants paying that beforehand to show that it is reasonable. What this says to me is that we need to figure out our food plan soon. I'll work on that with Jesse. If you're into food, now is a great time to step up and tell us how you think it should be. If you want to speak at the next meeting, that's fine, too. We need a plan.

Cynthia: People here to support each other.


Donny: We had a plumber fix some things in a couple of units. Brought in a snake into the laundromat. Worked for a half-hour but couldn't get anything cleared. Don't know what we'll do about that now. Could find out where the drain is but would cost thousands of dollars. Punting on that now; not a priority. Got a bid from an AC repair guy about the A?C in 204.

Request a lease rate of $850/unit or $450/room for all new tenants signing contracts in order to fund a meal plan. Current tenants can choose to opt in or maintain their current lease without a food program indefinitely

Hannah: Any questions?

Hillary?: Starting date?

Hannah: TBA. I think Jesse could use some assistance.

Cynthia: Each person has to pay $50 for a food plan?

Greg: Gives three meals per week.

Cynthia: What if you don't want to participate?

Hannah: You bring things. Sometimes people make arrangements where they come and eat with us sometimes. It's not like you can't eat with us. I just wanted to say why we're doing this in the first place. A lot of us who have lived in coops, over the dinner table, this is where people talk and get to know each other. If we're going to have the food program, I think it's good to make it necessary for leases after now so we'll have some consistency for money and labor hours. Not mandatory for people here right now but will be mandatory for new people moving in, but not for new leases for people living here now.

Cynthia: The $850 covers buy-in for the food? Couldn't you say that, if you just contribute something, I receive food stamps, so easier for me to contribute food than to pay money.

Hannah: Travis had a concern that it's illegal for NY food stamps to plan to share food with anyone else. I couldn't find anything like that on the TX web site.

Cynthia: You can use it any which way. It's illegal to sell them and give it to someone. They understand that with Thanksgiving, etc. If you try to game the system, then it's tainted and illegal. If it's my turn to feed people, then it's okay.

Hannah: I wonder if we can say something less specific; $50 or equivalent contribution in food.

Cynthia: That's perfect.

Claude: I don't believe y'all understand what people tell you about the food. She's saying you don't have to if you're already a resident. You don't have to pay the $50. If you want to contribute, that's one thing. New people will have to pay it. You're getting into a conversation about nothing.

Cynthia/Honey: We understand.

Donny: This is why we have meetings. At a coop, some people understand something right away, and some people might take a couple of meetings.

Hannah: Equivalent contribution might be something we keep for people here now but not for new people. Fine for 2-3 people but more to coordinate.

Hillary: I'm still confused about when we'd start paying $50.

Hannah: Not my department, but I'll work to help Jesse get where he needs to be. Maybe we can shoot for June 1 or May 15.

Donny: I think it's reasonable to pass this now even though it doesn't have a date. Shows that we intend to do this. Jesse will work out details in the future.

Honey: We should approve this because it is what is going to be done.

Motion passes.

Discuss options for moving forward on the AC replacement project for 204 and perhaps beyond. We have some bids now. Discuss whether we want to replace any before they break.

Donny: Have three different bids ranging from $2700-4500. Leaning towards the $2700 one because it seems like the guy knows what he's doing, and that's a really good price. Want to hire him to just do 204 and see how it goes. If we like him, then we'll hire him for 106 and any others.

Honey: In the summer, sometimes the AC trips. I feel that everyone should get it fixed before it breaks. A lot of elderly and disabled people here. It's going to get hot. I don't want anybody getting sick.

Greg: We do have plans for doing a lot of maintenance work on the A/C units, in terms of cleaning the existing units.

Donny: One a/c unit on the bottom floor is right below the unit on the top floor. There's the same set of lines. Might make sense in the future to replace both in the stack. I'd like to consider that but will depend on how much money we have in the budget. For doing multiple, we'd have to get a loan. The guy who gave us the $2700 offer said that he'd finance his labor to us for no interest. As long as we can get the equipment, he's willing to put us on a payment plan for the labor.

Hannah: Are we looking at 106 being un-air-conditioned for the time being?

Donny: For the time being. We just found out that it is broken. We have one rolly A/C unit that will help a little. If we can't get it fixed quickly, we can rent a couple.

Hannah: Thought we had two of them.

Donny: Luke is using one.

Hannah: We found a window unit in a storage closet. Would that be worth seeing if it would work for 106?

Donny: Maybe, if someone wants to figure out how to mount it.

Honey: Just need to get some cardboard and some wood. We know how to get a window a/c unit in.

Ryan: Have you been paying attention to which units have old A?C units?

Greg: We're not experienced enough to tell which units are older.

Ryan: The city will give us a rebate if we install four. Not sure if it's buy or install. Probably $3-400 per a/c unit.

Greg: Can we afford to buy 3/4 units?

Ryan: If he'll finance.

Greg: Only the labor. $1800 * 4.

Donny: They might do more inspections and find other things they want us to fix. There are things that aren't up to current code.

Cynthia: The city will want us to fix things. Best to do it your way.

Elaine: My fridge needs to be fixed.

Hillary: Will cost us $50.

Greg: Need an appliance dolly. There's a rental store nearby.

Hannah: Should move to new business, but let's figure it out. I'd rather we do it in the next couple of days than wait until the last minute.

Greg: We can get it done tomorrow.

New business

Ryan: Maria was telling me that her son was having a confirmation. Wanted to set things up outside next Saturday for a dinner.

Greg: We're paying a lot of money to have the garbage thrown out, and it isn't all our garbage.

Cynthia?: People across the street are coming.

Greg: We're looking at rebuilding the laundromat area. In the interim, they're coming in, but we also get their money out of it, and we have a lot of stuff on our plate. Would you rather see us do something sooner?

Elaine: Get the serious stuff dealt with first.

Greg: Would like to find out if we can lock the bins. We'll have the key and empty a temporary bin. Depends if the garbage company will unlock it.

Cynthia: Another neighbor locks his up.

Greg: We might not need to dump more than every other week just for us. It's a big bin.

Elaine: People across the street throw their trash here even though they have a bin like ours.

Donny: Okay as long as we don't attract rats into our courtyard.

Hannah: Mari has been to one meeting. In a hurry to sign because she switched units because she wanted a tile floor. Not getting their mail. In a hurry to sign a lease so they can get their mail. Would like to have an emergency membership meeting tomorrow. Should probably only take 10 minutes.

Cynthia and Elaine volunteering to help. Will be tomorrow at 6:00.

Donny: Will we have a good translator around?

Greg: I can do a little bit of translating.

Ryan: I'll be here at 6:00.

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