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March 31, 2013

Present: Hannah, Greg, Nolan, McAllen, Victor, Travis, Gatlin (briefly by phone)

Prospective members: Meghan Radford (2nd meeting, accepted)

Remove requirement that two CHEA Board members must be present to meet quorum requirements.

(Gatlin is called in to satisfy this requirement for this vote)


Discussion of meet and greet event with residents on April 7.

Greg: Let's make it a barbecue.

Nolan: I'd like there to be a cake too, since it's Sarah's birthday.

Greg and Victor are designated as grillmeisters.

Hannah: Someone should make a flyer.

McAllen volunteers

Victor: We should also have some sort of handout sheet.

Hannah: I'd like to balance a presentation with a conversation type of atmosphere. Maybe start with a round robin, break into small groups afterward.

Travis: People will probably expect some sort of presentation. They'll expect to have information organized and delivered. NASCO has resources for explaining co-ops in this kind of situation.

Nolan: We need to emphasize the cooperative nature of the culture we're creating, as well.

McAllen: We should also think about designing an orientation once people do join.

Hannah, McAllen, and Nolan volunteer for organizing committee for this event.

Bedbug update

Greg: Theoretically, they're all dead. We will respond to complaints if they are brought up and address the problem then, not going to formally monitor otherwise.

Agenda item #4:

Nolan, McAllen, and Mike G. asking for permission to move into bedrooms in the common unit (#106) until other units open up.

Nolan agrees to bring furniture.


Greg resigns as Treasurer. He nominates Ryan.


Ryan is La Reunion's new treasurer

Meghan applying for membership.

She has one cat.


She is accepted as a prospective member!

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