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February 17, 2013

Maintenance Tasks

Informal proposal to get: - Google voice account - Ticketing system - Emergency maintenance notification system  

Hannah: What maintenance committee roles do we each want to take on?


Maintenance Committees/Food Plan

Jesse- There needs to be clearly defined maint. comm. roles.
Hannah- Wants to find a balance between being more hierarchical and less hierarchical with the way committees are set up.
Donny- Emergency contact system would require getting a bank account for the people who are on it.
Ryan- May be easier to get already existing CHEA roles to take care of such an account, such as the treasurer, etc.
Hannah- Sasona & Gault can have sub-accounts within CHEA's account.
Donny-Can be part of the maint. comm., is familiar with it bc he was maint. coor. at Sasona
Jesse- We can set up weekly potlucks and open house potlucks.
Greg- Could offer our kitchen space for groups that provide food to the community.
Sarah- Can't obligate ppl w food stamps to use their food stamps for coop meals. We can contact food centers to find out ways we can partner with them.
Hannah: Proposes voting Nolan, Victor, Sarah, Greg in as sub-comm members be an item on the next agenda.
Donny- It should be a standing agenda item for all mtgs. to vote new ppl. in.

Mission Statement

Greg- We should mention the low-income groups we will serve in the MS.
Sarah- The IRS may look at that wording for tax exempt purposes.
Donny- Should decide on a final MS by next mtg. Proposes that we add it to next agenda.


Section 8

Hannah- Daniel confirmed that we can't talk to the residents until we close.
Sarah- Gault is sec 8-11 which means we have to meet with a tenant's sec 8 reps 3 months bef their leases expire. There are annual inspections by HUD. If affordability is mentioned in our MS, it may make it easier for us to acquire funds for the needed improvements.
Donny- We need to figure out how we'll deal with the current sec 8 tenants by March 1st.
-Can we accept sec 8 within the framework of our coop?
Sarah- We can limit how many units to set aside for sec 8.
Mike- Who's responsibility is it to inform HACA that we're the new landlords?
Ryan- We could have a separate tenancy contract and coop contract.
Sarah- We should contact HACA about sec 8 and ask what are our minimum obligations are.
Proposal to limit sec 8 rooms to the number that the current tenants occupy.
Proposal passes?


Action Items

- Set up google voice account, set up shifts. - Get a maintenance credit card, Donny should be the co-signer. - Jesse Will begin planning our interim meal plans. - Jesse will contact food centers to find how we could partner with them. - Hannah will hassle Gatlin about setting up a wiki. - Hannah will write the mission statements on large pieces of paper and display them at the next meeting for us all to vote on the one we like best.

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