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August 5, 2012

Attendees: Ryan, Hannah, Bridget, Victor, Gatlin, Sarah, Sam, Mike, McAllen

Discussion of suggestion to partner with Rosewood

NASCO objections

Reset clock, would lose opportunity for Tillery property

Rosewood very young

Rosewood has zoning issues

Discussion of outreach: *(fostered by McAllen)

Encino Circle: discuss with those neighbors (surrounds property)

Older minorities, had bad experience with traffic and noise in the past

We need to communicate that we won't be a noise and traffic probem

We will not be trafficing drugs, and will do our part to report those things (there's been a problem in the past)

Parking: not expected to be a problem. We need to make a layout of the structures on the property that might produce noise, and site them properly.

Hannah: Maybe a letter or brochure to give to the neighbors, also to the Neighborhood Association (NA) meeting.

Sam: We should go door to door, I could help. Face to face is most effective.

Victor: We should see if there's a church in the neighborhood; I'm willing to go there and talk to the pastor.

McAllen: We should phrase our agenda in terms of “what do YOU want to see happen in the neighborhood?” I will get on the NA's listserve. Going to the NA meeting on Tuesday, 8/14. Diversity would be good / it's part of our plan.

Hannah: Do we want to start outreach now, or one we have a contract with Right of Refusal signed?

McAllen: Yes, start now, but we need to delegate folks to do that.

Hannah: I could make a brochure or letter; others could help.

McAllen: I need to contact Scott Way (owner) and get a list of neighbors, and ideas on how to word things . Then I'd like to start talking to the neighbors.

Straw Poll on whether to start talking to neighbors now rather than after a CHEA vote on buying the house: mostly in favor.

McAllen: I'll propose things to put on the flyer. Maybe folks can review by midweek, and Hannah can produce brochures before Saturday.

Hannah: Should bring a gift. NOT pot brownies. Consumables might create a trust issue.

McAllen: I'll call Scott and see if I can get their numbers and maybe make an appointment.

Hannah: The NA meeting. What are you guys going to say there?

Donny: We need to plan a few cogent points, then have contact info for questions.

Food Program

McAllen: considering a scheme where you can opt in or opt out of the communal meal program. Have people chip in a few bucks if they want an occasional dinner.

Gatlin: We can have people buy into the food program, but not prepared food, to keep the city happy.

Hannah: Does it make sense for us to have a communal meal when so many miss it even at Sasona?

Gatlin: People at 21st are paying for access to the fridge and the food. They miss a lot of meals, but it still works fine. Part of living in the community is buying in on the food.

Hannah: Pearl had a better “save plate” system than Sasona. The responsibility at Sasona is for a person who wants a save plate. That could be done better.

Mike: How would only a few people buying in make stuff more expensive? You can buy in bulk, and only those who use it will be paying for it. There can be a honor system bucket as well.

Donny: We don't have to decide this now. We could just say “everyone buys in ” to start, then the house can decide to add an opt-out option later.

McAllen: I wanted to address this due to zoning. However, we're not sure we need to decide it now.

Hannah: Daniel was about 80% sure that the zoning would be good for communal meals given this architecture, but McAllen and Daniel will get that worked out at the Development Assistance Center this week.

Sam: There's almost a sort of evolution that happens to make the property more accommodating to the members. In other words, we don't have to have everything perfect before we move in. We can let it happen naturally over the first 5 years.

*Action Items


1) Contact Scott. Tell neighbors we're coming, and see if he knows any schedules or if we need to make an appointment. Ask if there's a church that some one or more go to.

2) Set up a specific time for the visits.

3) Send out list of thoughts and points by end Sunday.

4) Have a rough draft of a flyer ready for the group to review by Wednesday, to be ready for visits or for the NA meeting.


1) Create actual brochures when they are needed to meet with neighbors or the NA.


1) Search for churches nearby ; hold off until hear from McAllen.

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