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 <​sub>​[[:​meetings:​2015-06-21#​agenda_item_2|[HM 6-21-15]]]</​sub>​ <​sub>​[[:​meetings:​2015-12-06#​agenda_item_4|[HM 12-6-15]]]</​sub>​ <​sub>​[[:​meetings:​2015-12-13#​agenda_item_5|[HM 12-13-15]]]</​sub>​ <​sub>​[[:​meetings:​2015-06-21#​agenda_item_2|[HM 6-21-15]]]</​sub>​ <​sub>​[[:​meetings:​2015-12-06#​agenda_item_4|[HM 12-6-15]]]</​sub>​ <​sub>​[[:​meetings:​2015-12-13#​agenda_item_5|[HM 12-13-15]]]</​sub>​
-==== Food Labeling for Co-Op Dinners ==== 
-Dinner cooks must label their dishes with the following information:​ 
-  - Their names 
-  - Any information relevant to member dietary restrictions. The following abbreviations are acceptable: 
-      - M (Meat-based dish) 
-      - VGT (Vegetarian dish) 
-      - VGN (Vegan dish) 
-      - GF (Gluten-free dish) 
-      - DF (Dairy-free dish) 
-  - Any ingredients which appear on the list of food allergens, which is maintained by the [[:​documents:​officers#​kitchen_coordinator|Kitchen Manager]], must also be specifically listed. 
-<​sub>​[[:​meetings:​2015-02-15#​agenda_item_1|[HM 2-15-15]]]</​sub>,​ <​sub>​[[:​meetings:​2016-07-24#​agenda_item_2|[HM 7-24-16]]]</​sub>​ 
 ==== Severe Food Allergens ==== ==== Severe Food Allergens ====
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