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 ===== ​Membership ===== ===== ​Membership =====
-==== Membership Acceptance ​Policy ====+==== Member Admission Priority ​Policy ====
-In order to be accepted as a potential member, prospective members must attend two [[:​documents:​manual#​house_meetings|meetings]]. Former members must also attend two meetings ​and go through ​the acceptance process again. The purpose of the two meeting requirement ​is for the prospective members ​to get to know the house and vice versa. If someone can’t attend ​in person, they can attend the meeting by phoneAt each meeting, the meeting chair should ask the prospective member if they have any pets – because their pets must also be accepted by the house.+The ultimate goal and the bottom line is to make sure there are no gaps in occupancyOur budget relies on having every room full all the time.
-Prospective members must re-apply if they were accepted ​6 months or more previouslyIn the case that they have to re-applythey will be given a new spot on the waiting list based on their most recent second meeting ​<​sub>​[[:​meetings:​2013-01-10#general_membership_acceptance_processes|[HM 1-10-13]]]</​sub> ​<​sub>​[[:​meetings:​2016-01-10#​agenda_item_5|[HM 1-10-16]]].</​sub>​+The person on the waiting list who was accepted ​earliest has priority for being offered the room/unitHowever, among the accepted prospective members who respond, the person who can immediately move-in without a gap of unpaid for daysis able to immediately pay the full deposit and membership fees, and can pay rent on or before their date of move-in is the person ​given priority for actual move-in. Partner Organization prospectives, ​current resident moving from another room/unit, associates that are not behind ​on labor, or general prospective members are on the waitlist, in that order, assuming for the latter three that they can also pay the full deposit, fees, and first month'​s rent before the move-in date <​sub>​[[:​meetings:​2013-08-18#hannah_member_admission_priority_policy|[HM 8-18-13]]]</​sub>​.
-=== The Second Meeting ===+[[:​documents:​manual#​associate_membership_program|Associate members]] who have not performed their labor are ineligible for rental contracts until such a time when they have done enough make up labor for their missed hours. Paying labor fines does not make up for this. <​sub>​[[:​meetings:​2014-08-24#​agenda_item_4|[HM 8-24-14]]]</​sub>​
-At the second meeting, all non-members will then be asked to leave the room, and the Meeting Chair will ask, “Does anyone have any compelling evidence ​of why '​Fred'​ could be evicted from the house?"​+The general order of the waitlist is as follows:
-Examples:+  - [[:documents:​manual:​membership#​referrals_and_assistance_from_a_partner_organization|Partner Organization Prospectives]] 
 +  - ​Current members residing at the coop in order of request to move. 
 +  - [[:​documents:​manual#​associate_membership_program|Associate members]] who are not behind on labor, in order of acceptance. Associates shall receive elevated priority in the move-in waiting list only after four full consecutive weeks of membership in good standing. 
 +  - General prospective members, in order of acceptance.
-  * non-payment of rent +<​sub>​[[:​meetings:​2015-01-18#​agenda_item_6|[HM 1-18-15]]][[:​meetings:​2015-01-25#​agenda_item_2|[HM 1-25-15]]]</​sub>​ <​sub>​[[:​meetings:​2015-10-11#​agenda_item_2|[HM 10-11-15]]]</​sub>​ <​sub>​[[:​meetings:​2015-12-06#​agenda_item_2|[HM 12-6-15]]] [[https://​​meetings/​2019-09-01|[HM 9-1-19]]]</​sub>​
-  * abusive behavior +
-  * disrupting the right of quiet enjoyment +
-  * instilling fear in others +
-  * any other evictable behavior+
-Evidence includes personal testimony or any other reason one might have. If no one doesthen "​Fred"​ is accepted as potential memberHe can then sign contract.+Unless otherwise exceptedthe House may not sign residential lease for a person to solely occupy a unit if such action would reduce the number of members residing at the House to a quantity fewer than 32Exemptions shall be provided if a person requires a whole unit as a reasonable accommodation for disability, receives assistance via a partner organization,​ has legal dependents, is pregnant, or is in the process of adopting ​child <​sub>​[[:​meetings:​2015-10-11#​agenda_item_1|[HM 10-11-15]]]</​sub>​.
-If someone does bring up compelling evidence of why "​Fred"​ could be evictedthen the meeting will discuss it. The [[:​documents:​officers#​membership_coordinator|Membership Coordinator]] will discreetly inform the prospective member that we are discussing ​their application;​ they will be asked to leave and told that we will inform them of our decision as soon as possibleOther non-members will also be asked to leave, after being informed of their acceptance status, so that members can have a private discussion.+In the case that the person given priority for move-in is requesting an entire unit, the [[:​documents:​officers#​membership_coordinator|Membership Coordinator]] will facilitate ​their move-in ​and the signing ​of a lease as suchLeases should ​be signed 30 days before the unit is due to come open.
-Members can state an objection to the evidence, if the evidence does not seem to be valid reason that someone could be evicted from the house. If no one objects ​to the evidence which has been brought upthen the meeting ​will vote on "​Fred'​s"​ membership.+In the case that the person given priority for move-in is requesting ​single room, the [[:​documents:​officers#​membership_coordinator|Membership Coordinator]] will spend a reasonable amount of time seeking ​to find them a roommatewith the expectation of having a lease signed for the room by all occupants at least 30 days prior to its opening. The secondary roommate must also be an accepted prospective member. Similar prioritization guidelines ​will be taken into account as for the person given primary priority.
-In a member acceptance vote, two people can block a member'​s acceptance. No quorum is required. If he is not accepted, he cannot sign a contract, and he cannot become a member.+Considerations for prioritizing roommate applicants:
-If someone does object to the evidence presented by stating that it is not valid reason that "​Fred"​ could be evicted from the house, then the meeting will vote on whether the evidence is valid. A simple majority vote (more than 50%is required to accept ​the evidence as valid. If the evidence is accepted as valid, a vote on "Fred's" membership will take place (which, as described above, can be blocked by two members). If the evidence is not accepted ​as valid, the vote on "Fred's" membership will not occur, and "​Fred"​ will be accepted as a potential member. People who are accepted as members will be put on the Prospective Members Waiting List. When a room is available, all of the members of the house (who can switch rooms if they wantand all people on the waiting list will be alerted. If more than one person is interested in room, who gets the room needs to be determined <sub>[[:meetings:2013-01-10#general_membership_acceptance_processes|[HM 1-10-13]]]</​sub>​.+  * a) Does the primary accepted roommate have pet allergies that the secondary roommate'​s ​pets might irritate? 
 +  * bDoes the primary ​accepted ​roommate have pets that are territorial or otherwise incompatible with a secondary roommate'​s ​pets? 
 +  * cDoes the primary roommate have other reasonable objections to proposed roommate? The [[:documents:officers#membership_coordinator|Membership Coordinator]] may determine if an objection is reasonable or not.
-=== Member Acceptance Flow Chart ===+If 5 weeks before the room is scheduled to open no acceptable roommate can be found from the pool of accepted prospective members, the [[:​documents:​officers#​membership_coordinator|Membership Coordinator]] will instead seek to fill the room with an applicant requesting an entire unit OR an alternate set of roommates <​sub>​[[:​meetings:​2013-08-18#​hannah_member_admission_priority_policy|[HM 8-18-13]]]</​sub>​.
-Here's an attempt to simplify the above policy in a flow chart:+==== Contract Break Policy ====
-  - The Meeting Chair asks, “Does anyone have any compelling evidence of why "​Fred"​ could be evicted from the house?” +contract break is a release of the member ​from their lease.
-      - No one presents any compelling evidence. "​Fred"​ is accepted. +
-      - Someone presents compelling evidence. Go to 2. +
-  - The Meeting Chair will ask if anyone objects to the evidence which has been presented. +
-      - No one objects to the evidence that has been presented. Go to 4. +
-      - Someone objects to the evidence that has been presented. Go to 3. +
-  - The meeting will vote on whether the evidence is valid. +
-      - More than 50% vote that the evidence is valid. Go to 4. +
-      - 50% or less vote that the evidence is valid. "​Fred"​ is accepted. +
-  - vote is taken on whether to accept Fred as a member+
-      - Less than two people vote to block "​Fred'​s"​ acceptance. "​Fred"​ is accepted. +
-      - Two or more people vote to block "​Fred'​s"​ acceptance. "​Fred"​ is not accepted.+
-<​sub>​[[:​meetings:​2013-01-10#​general_membership_acceptance_processes|[HM 1-10-13]]]</​sub>​+Contract breaks should be requested at least 6 weeks in advance of the requested date of termination.
-=== Additional Meetings ===+A contract break can be granted by the [[:​documents:​officers#​membership_coordinator|Membership Coordinator]],​ by a 75% affirmative vote at a [[:​documents:​manual#​house_meetings|house meeting]], or as a last resort by the Board. A [[:​documents:​officers#​membership_coordinator|Membership Coordinator’s]] decision to grant a contract break can be overturned by a simple 50% majority of a house vote. The [[:​documents:​officers#​membership_coordinator|Membership Coordinator]] must inform the house via e-mail that they plan to grant a member a contract break within three days of deciding this with a member.
-At any point in the process, a simple majority vote (more than 50%) can require additional membership meetings to further discuss ​the member'​s potential acceptance. Quorum ​is not required. This can be used in complicated cases, ​or in situations where more evidence needs to be gathered or additional persons need to be at the meeting to give their points ​of view <sub>[[:meetings:2013-01-10#general_membership_acceptance_processes|[HM 1-10-13]]]</​sub>​.+Members who move out before ​the end of their contract are contractually liable for the vacancy caused by their leaving early until the room is filled ​or the end of their contract period; whichever comes first. The [[:documents:officers#membership_coordinator|Membership Coordinator]] is expected to prioritize filling this room in order to minimize financial impact on the member breaking contract. If the room cannot be filled, however, the member breaking the contract will remain financially liable.
-=== Referrals and assistance from partner organization ===+The contract is not tied to specific room or unit. Section 10 of the Contract gives CHEA the right to reassign members to different rooms at any time. Even if another member swaps to the room or unit of a member who moved out before their contract end date, the member who moved out early still owes money and is still under contract to pay for the vacancy caused by their termination.
-Prospective members receiving assistance via a partner organization shall have the requirement to attend two meetings waivedprovided that they instead take a tour of the coop as part of a site visit.+Money earned from temporary hostelerswho stay in the room of the member who moved out before the end of their contract, will be counted towards the money owed by that member, to pay off that member'​s balance. The house is under no obligation to find hosteler for the room.
-The [[:​documents:​officers#​membership_coordinator_2_hours|Membership Coordinator]] shall encourage the prospective'​s case worker to attend ​House meeting prior to the site visit, however such attendance is not required for acceptance by the House.+Members who are granted ​contract break will be charged a $100 contract break fee.
-<font 14px line-height:​ 19.6px/​inherit;;​inherit;;​inherit>​The Membership Coordinator ​shall give 48 hour notice ​to the house of persons coming ​to the coop for site visit.</font>+The [[:​documents:​officers#​membership_coordinator|Membership Coordinator]] is obligated ​to grant contract breaks that are due to draft by military, medical causes with note from doctor (MD), or domestic violence <​sub>​[[:​meetings:​2013-08-04#​hannah_approve_contract_break_policies|[HM 8-4-13]]]</sub>.
-Site visits shall be conducted by the Membership Coordinator or a person delegated by either the Membership Coordinator or the House. The person conducting the site visit shall explain what the coop is, how it works, the penalties for failing to perform coop duties and follow the House rules, and that such penalties may include the non-renewal of their lease or eviction.+==== Member Review Policy ====
-After coming to site visit the House will approve or deny membership by conducting ​[[:​documents:​manual:membership#the_second_meeting|2nd meeting ​procedures]] for the prospective at the next available House Meeting. The prospective ​member ​shall not be required to attend this meetingbut may do so if they so choose <​sub>​[[:​meetings:​2015-10-18#​agenda_item_2|[HM 10-18-15]]]</​sub>​.+A membership review is a public review at a [[:​documents:​manual#​house_meetings|house meeting]] ​of a member'​s actions or behavior. A membership review can result in a vote to evict a member from the house, can result in the house requesting a behavioral contract of the member, ​or in no action being taken at all.
-Partner organization prospectives ​will be given highest priority when unit becomes available ​<​sub>​[[:​meetings:​2015-12-06#​agenda_item_2|[HM 12-6-15]]]</​sub>​.+It is the expectation of the cooperative that members ​will first address conflict with each other through other courses such as dialogue or conflict mediation. 
 +Any three members of the house may call a membership review of any member. A membership review is called by writing it on the meeting agenda and publicly posting the reasons for the review by Friday at noon before the meeting. The Meeting Chair will ensure that the meeting discussion adheres to the publicly posted reasons for the review. The [[:​documents:​officers#​steward|Steward]] will ensure that house policies regarding eviction meetings are followed if necessary and will inform the membership and the member being reviewed of all relevant policies . 
 +The member being reviewed has a right to address fully all of the reasons for the review . 
 +After discussing all of the reasons for the review, the Chair will ask the member being reviewed to leave the room while the meeting discusses whether to call for a vote to remove them from the house or ask for a behavioral contract, the nonfulfillment of which will result in removal (see below.) While the member is out of the room, no new issues should ​be brought up. If any new issues are brought up, then the member will be called back into the room and given the chance to address those issues. 
 +The Chair will first ask for straw poll to determine which option the majority of members are interested in: eviction, behavioral contract, or no action. The action receiving a plurality of votes will be discussed first. A single member may call for a vote to initiate the action. An eviction requires an affirmative vote by 3/4 of the members present, except in the case of a member having broken a behavioral contract, in which case a simple majority is required. Other kinds of actions require a simple majority to pass. 
 +In the case of a vote for eviction, the vote will take place while the member is out of the room. The member being reviewed can come back into vote before leaving the room again. 
 +The vote will be a secret vote, tallied by the Meeting Chair and the [[:​documents:​officers#​steward|Steward]]. The vote can be taken on paper ballots, prepared by the Meeting Chair. 
 +In the case of a behavioral contract, discussion of the terms can take place with and/or without the member being reviewed present. A behavioral contract may contain more than one required behavior. Each condition must be voted on separately and must be worded in terms of specific, observable behavior. If the meeting votes to allow the member continued membership under a behavioral contract, the [[:​documents:​officers#​steward|Steward]] is in charge of drafting such a contract which should be brought for approval to the next house meeting. 
 +The member being reviewed does not have to be in attendance at the meeting to be evicted from the house or to have their membership revoked. The member being reviewed may write a response, which will be presented at the meeting, if they are unable/​unwilling to attend the meeting. 
 +If the meeting votes to remove the member from the house, then the member'​s membership will be revoked and eviction proceedings will begin. 
 +If a member believes that the member under behavioral contract has violated this contract at any point during its duration, they can bring it to a [[:​documents:​manual#​house_meetings|house meeting]] as such. There is no need to go through the membership review procedure again at this point. The membership will simply discuss and vote on whether the member breached their contract. An affirmative vote of a simple majority will result in eviction <​sub>​[[:​meetings:​2013-10-06#​hannah_approve_membership_review_policy|[HM 10-6-13]]]</​sub>​. 
 +<​sub>​[[:​meetings:​2015-06-21#​agenda_item_2|[HM 6-21-15]]]</​sub> ​<​sub>​[[:​meetings:​2015-12-06#​agenda_item_4|[HM 12-6-15]]]</​sub>​ 
 +==== Associate Membership Program ==== 
 +Associate members must go through the standard [[:​documents:​manual#​membership_acceptance_policy|membership acceptance process]], and may be denied membership only for the [[:​documents:​manual#​the_second_meeting|reasons outlined as acceptable]] for denial of prospective resident members. Unlike resident members, associate members may contract for membership on a month-to-month basis. 
 +Associate members may not spend the night in common areas except under extenuating circumstances,​ such as sickness or inclement weather. They may not store items in common areas without approval of the house. Otherwise, associate members have the rights of resident members except where outlined below <​sub>​[[:​meetings:​2013-05-19#​hannah_vote_on_proposal_for_definition_of_and_policies_for_associate_membership_hannah_vote_on_proposal_for_definition_of_and_policies_for_associate_membership|[HM 5-19-13]]]</​sub>​. 
 +Associate members are obligated to do one hour of labor a week. These members have access to the courtyard, garden space, grounds, can run for [[:​documents:​officers|coordinator positions]],​ and are entitled to full participation at all meetings including a vote. <​sub>​[[:​meetings:​2015-08-02#​agenda_item_4|[HM 8-2-15]]]</​sub>​ <​sub>​[[:​meetings:​2016-01-10#​agenda_item_2|[HM ​1-10-16]]]</​sub>​ <​sub>​[[:​meetings:​2016-01-24#​agenda_item_2|[HM 1-24-16]]]</​sub>​ <​sub>​[[:​meetings:​2013-05-19#​hannah_vote_on_proposal_for_definition_of_and_policies_for_associate_membership|[HM 5-19-13]]][[:​meetings:​2014-03-23#​nolanlower_associate_fees_in_lieu_of_food_program_changes|[HM 3-23-14]]]</​sub>​ 
 +On the 21st of the month, Associates with an outstanding balance of over $100 shall have their Associate Membership Contract terminated <​sub>​[[:​meetings:​2015-08-02#​agenda_item_3|[HM 8-2-15]]]</​sub>​. 
 +Associates are not obligated to participate in Labor Holiday. Any work done by an associate for Labor Holiday will be logged as surplus hours. <​sub>​[[:​meetings:​2017-11-26#​agenda_item_1|[HM 11-26-17]]]</​sub>​. 
 +==== Visitors ==== 
 +Guests of members who wish to stay on the property for longer than 14 days must obtain [[:​documents:​manual#​house_meetings|house approval]] <​sub>​[[:​meetings:​2013-07-28#​limit_duration_visitors_can_stay_without_house_approval_to_2_weeks_donny|[HM 7-28-13]]]</​sub>​. Guests are not allowed to stay for more than 14 days in any month. <​sub>​[[:​meetings:​2017-11-12|[HM 11-12-17]]]</​sub>​ 
 +==== End of Contract ==== 
 +If, weeks before their contract ends, a member will not guarantee that they will renew their contract, the [[:​documents:​officers#​membership_coordinator|Membership Coordinator]] will start advertising that the member'​s room will open up soon. The member can renew their contract at any time then, but if someone signs a contract for the room before they do, then they must either move out or, if other rooms are available, switch rooms. If the member'​s contract is not renewed a month before the end of the contract period, the [[:​documents:​officers#​membership_coordinator|Membership Coordinator]] will advertise their room and let someone else sign for their room (after first giving them a chance) <​sub>​[[:​meetings:​2013-06-23#​approve_membership_coordinator_labor_description|[HM 6-23-13]]].</​sub>​ 
 +If at the end of a member'​s contract they have not re-signed a contract their membership will be revoked and a 30 day notice to vacate will be given <​sub>​[[:​meetings:​2015-03-08#​agenda_item_5|[HM 3-8-15]]]</​sub>​. 
 +Membership coordinators shall not be permitted to sign their own lease as an agent of the House. For this instance, such duty shall be carried out by any current House officers or members of the CHEA Board, provided that they do not reside in the same unit as the Membership Coordinator <​sub>​[[:​meetings:​2015-09-27#​agenda_item_7|[HM 9-27-15]]]</​sub>​. 
 +​Members that have started a payment plan within the last 2 months of their contract are only eligible for a 3 month renewal. If a member becomes delinquent on the payment plan they may not sign another contract or payment plan without house approval <​sub>​[[:​meetings:​2014-08-17#​agenda_item_5|[HM 8-17-14]]]</​sub>​. 
 +Any member who leaves the co-op not in good standing cannot sign a new contract until they have returned to good standing <​sub>​[[:​meetings:​2015-08-02#​agenda_item_3|[HM 8-2-15]]]</​sub>​. 
 +==== Reporting ==== 
 +The [[:​documents:​officers#​membership_coordinator|Membership Coordinator]] will notify the house by email via the house mailing list within 5 business days when membership is newly granted or revoked <​sub>​[[:​meetings:​2015-03-15#​agenda_item_1|[HM 3-15-15]]].</​sub>​
-<​sub>​[[:​meetings:​2015-10-11#​agenda_item_2|[HM 10-11-15]]]</​sub>​ 
 ==== Member Admission Priority Policy ==== ==== Member Admission Priority Policy ====
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